... A Rite to curse tables?

Hey guys,

Does anyone has the link or another bane working to curse a table where people eat and drink?

Through the curse a target should fall ill and has her bones crushed or even cause her physical death.


Can’t you put a sigil on there? A sticker under the table or something like that? Preferably a ‘disguised’ sigil (like hidden in grafitti or something)

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Oh yes!!! under it, for example, any idea? Maybe a sigil with the target’s name through the square of Saturn or Mars. Or something else maybe?

I personally have my own way of making sigils. But you are knowledgable enough to find a way that suits your intent, I’m sure.

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There are methodes indeed. A sigil is a great way to start. An incantation would be awesome too

You could also do something similar to the altar/ground consecration from Works of Darkness. You’d just be adding different intentions to it, right?

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create an effigy of the table and put your shit on it. Easy sympathetic magick