A Ring I'm going to do something with, ( looking for suggestions)

I recently was gifted this ring.

I’m thinking I’m going to do something with it but I’m not sure what. It’s Australian Opal I believe. A stone I’ve never worked with before.

Anybody have any thoughts on what I might be able to do with this (other than just wear it :grin:). Like what kind of vibe do you think it has.

I’m leaning towards something Djinn related or Goetic related.


I’d charm it for a specific purpose. To draw in abundance, or protection or anything that’s needed. I don’t know much about crystals so I’d probably charm it for something in alignment to what the crystal is used for, or ask a spirit I work with to bless (? not sure what the word for it is) it so that I can have their energy in the ring to wear it on me. A spirit or your higher self, anything you like.

You can also charm it as a glamor.

Charming is the direction my head is going.

Edit: definitely gives me djinn vibes too, makes me think of King Paimon.


Good idea, with king Paimon, maybe king Asmoday too.


I get a strong success/ prosperity vibe from it. Definitely kingly. So maybe either a success working or working in expanding your power/kingliness?


Thanks guys I appreciate your thoughts on it. Normally I know what to do with these kinds of things but this one is special I can sense that. Glad to get your opinions.

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I’m thinking about trying a ritual I read in Baal kadmon book to bind a Djinn to my ring…

Another approach would be to evoke king Paimon and see if we can reach an agreement on a Djinn he could appoint to serve in my ring. King Paimon is known for his excellent familiars… perhaps this familiar could be a djinn…


Awesome idea


So I have a fairly old occult book in my possession which briefly goes over some of the powers of different stones and their zodiacal associations. I looked up Opal and this is what I got:

  • Sharpens eyesight

  • Clouds sight of enemies if wrapped in bay leaf

  • Linked to Libras

Using it for those purposes would likely draw out the most utility value.


Oh. That’s cool. Especially the part about clouding the vision of enemies.

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What is the ring itself made out of?

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I think plated gold. I think. It says 18k plus some small lettering I don’t understand. That’s why I think it’s plated. @Eldred_Darkthorn . 🤷

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Honestly I would remove the stone and engrave an amplifying pattern underneath where it sits before replacing it. This can be as simple as concentric circles or if you want to experiment try some other geometries depending on the properties you want. You can also engrave the inside of the band with rings to serve a similar function and then charge the stone to its purpose. Turn the ring into an amplifier for the stone though if you can maybe inlay some copper and seal it against moisture as well.


You could evoke any spirit of the goetia that your most close with and ask the spirit to enchant the ring. Or evoke multiple and enchant it for something like (enchant the ring for the purpose of increasing your connection to all of the 72 of the goetia.) Or enchant it to improve your connection/communication with Orobas.

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Now that’s a suggestion I have given some serious thought to…

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It could like be the ring you wear to increase all of your clairs during evocation. And its good looking ring. I feel like the opal would make a great stone for channeling.

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Mmmm I like how you’re thinking. :thinking::thinking:

I think I’ve decided I will make this a ring of clairsenses.

I’ll evoke Prince Orobas to lend his divination abilities

King Paimon - for clair senses

King Balam for Magickal sight

King Purson - knowledge of the future.

King Asmoday - to bind a familiar to it to assist me

Duke Astaroth for omniscience.

This line up may change but this is what I’m going to do with it sure.

This goes along with what @Eldred_Darkthorn was saying too