A reward from lucifer

So I had an interesting experience, during my last session with lucifer, he offered me a reward for my loyalty to our bond, I replied I need nothing and appreciate his teachings.
He’s done so much already, stuff which I have never asked for.
He then pushed a little more and asked “who I would like to be gone from my life”,
I asked what did he mean by gone, he said “dead”
I said I need no one gone, then he pushed a little more showing images and repeating names, saying “let me show you what We can do together”
Don’t get me wrong how easy would it be to name someone, but I had previously done a reversal Spell and was happy with the results of that and I continue to see results from that.
The one thing I’ve only ever requested seems yet to be granted,
Why I don’t know he won’t say.
This was not a test or trick he made that clear.
So my question is has anyone been offered the same?


Thanks for sharing! I guess you could ask Lucifer for more info on the matter. But a reward is a reward after all.


@Manosman he’s made it clear the offer is still there and remains on the table so I guess if a reward is a reward :thinking:


No i haven’t. Which is a shame :smile: