A return, and 3 free readings :)

So it’s been an interesting couple months, in those months a lot of changes have occurred in my practice, and it seems the chaos surrounding me has mellowed out for now. Through this time I haven’t really been active here, skimming articles here and there.

anyways, with that said I like to offer 3 free readings :slight_smile: I definitely could use the practice.
currently I’m at work so to the first three people, I will PM you to get your question and set up a time for the reading.

the first 3 readings are a guaranty, after that it will be on a more per basis type deal. but still willing to do them if i have the time :slight_smile:

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I’m down for a reading :slight_smile:

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Yes please

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I’m down for a reading.

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If you have time for 5 count me in

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: snaps fingers: lol

If you feel like it good deal, if not no worries

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If you have time to fit me in, I’ll trade you a reading of your choice, runes or tarot.

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this filled up much quicker than I expected :rofl: Honestly I have a lot of free time tomorrow I should be able to work with. barring any work related catastrophe (I’m convinced computers and servers are finicky, and vengeful creatures)

But I’ll be sure to send a PM If i’m able to get to you :slight_smile: and if not this run this will be an ongoing thing, practice is never a bad thing


You poor creature :joy:

Welcome back


Please count me in if you reach till my no :slight_smile:

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Down for a read if youre still willing after the others

If you have some time and would not mind, I would like to get a reading too, if possible, get me in line.

Could you fit me in? Only if you have the time of course

Sure i will take one if you do not mind

If you had time for one more, I would appreciate it.

I’m up for a reading of your still giving them and willing to read me

I don’t if you have spare time but I would love to have a reading. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

if you have time, maybe you can read me too :slight_smile:

If you have time, can I have one and it’s will be helpful