A Report on one expereince with the Theta Gamma Synch

I few days ago I was working through the Divination Course material and came to the exercise where EA leads one through a guided meditation leading up to and into the Theta Gamma Synch (TGS).

As I followed the instructions the basics of relaxation and visualization and non-attachment were used, which were familiar. What was different was the use of the physical sense of sight as a method for measuring the mental and physiological state. I think this is a great innovation.

What I noticed was many lines of light flashing in the air. I also felt a loss of equilibrium as my state deepened.

Further, I noticed that as I maintained the TGS while watching EA talk on the video, I saw the screen flash in and out as if EA was there in 3D, popping in and out of the screen.

I found controlled breathing crucial to maintaining the state for me.

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Very nice!!!

Do you happen to recall which video this was in, Narius? It’s been a while since I last watched, I’d like to revisit after reading your OP. Those are some fantastic results.

Video is section_5. The introduction to the tgs exercise starts about 30:00 minutes in.

Thank you kindly, sir! :slight_smile:

i have experienced this aswell. it took me about 5 mins. everything went static rain, my body became luminescent. and out of my peripherals i saw what light was actually on in the room, flashing. now, is that the TGS?

a sidenote: i was already pretty mellowed out from pervious meditation.

It sounds like it. Doing more tests for example activating some sigils and checking your results could confirm it. These subjective states are difficult to verify for other people, best do it for yourself.

But comparing notes, it seems like you’re on the right track.