A Relationship With Death

About a year ago, a close friend of the family died in a tragedy of gang-related violence. I’ve held a couple necromantic rites with his spirit. Most recently I summoned him and bound him to a fetish object so that I could do some further necromantic workings with him as a personal shade/servitor.

The question is: has anyone out there had close relationships with spirits of the Dead? @Lady_Eva I believe once dated one of these entities. Could you, Lady Eva, and/or anyone else who’s had similar close bonds with a deceased one tell me what precautions you took (if any) to avoid physical/psychological health problems?


Learn a method of drawing energy in from Light, Love, or whatever, that fills you with energy and pushes out both any negative spirit intrusions (parasitic things attracted to the dead, and which will latch onto old injuries and other wekanesses) and also, mean your own energy doesn’t degrade to attune to your dead chum - also wear lighter coliurs, red is a good compromise, take care to be out in the sun and to embrace things of daylight, eat healthy food, and have other interests.


I’m addition to everything @Lady_Eva working with the more darker aspects of death require balance. It’s very easy, I repeat very easy to get sucked into the death current and have this affect you energetically as well as physically


So basically everything that promotes life to counterbalance the death energy?

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So grounding is important? Because I am working a lot on that right now.

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More like flush it out and replace it. Then you attune to energy that transcends both, eventually.

Biggest dangers though are energy drain from you and spirit intrusions. Like if you were in bed with a corpse, the cold of the body would drain you, and eventually, the things that came to feast on it, from bacteria and fungi upwards, would make you ill.


I just realized this thread also pertains to me.

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Is that why people get fucked up doing necromancy? I only realized the dead feed on the living while reading through Necromantic Sorcery. Particularly Dante had a ritual of baneful magick in which you could send your shade to a victim to vampirize them. Have you ever tried this out?

Also (and I really don’t mean to drill you with questions, Lady E) how many spirits of the deceased did you hold regular contact with at once?

No, I don’t care for that style of work, dead people are people, if I wanted to enslave them I would have joined a religion. JMO.

A lot of what goes on under “necromancy” as a label is stuff I find distasteful.

The fact I care about only doing things I’m okay with, is probably why I didn’t crash and burn after a few short years and become a Xian. :smirk_cat:

Hard to count, scenes of mass killing visited in person and in the astral, battleifeld, fires, tragedies… lots.

But not for very prolonged periods.


Love it :joy::joy::joy: