A reaped heart

What is a reaped heart, in terms of someone being attacked by some sort of death energy placed in the heart chakra? I think it is designed to kill the target inside, and is used with some sort of binding?


I haven’t heard this term before myself, maybe someone else will have :thinking:

What was the context where you heard the term? If it was something like anime then I’d say it was just fantasy and then it can mean whatever you make it mean.

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No, it’s a thing. This is something that is actually happening to someone I know who was attacked viciously in the heart centre to violate it, and then it was filled with other people’s pain and suffering, and then they put something nasty in his heart chakra to kill his joy. Then they bound his heart.

Spirits called it a reaped heart.

I’d never heard of it either. If anyone here has, please enlighten us.