A really odd dream I had last night....wtf

So I had a really odd dream last night like REALLY odd. This is also the second dream I was told something. I have no idea what to make of it.

So I had one of the oddest dreams last night. It started with this girl who was a jet pilot. So flew her jet to this landing area and landed. She got out and walked to this door that looked like it lead somewhere under the ground. The dream then showed her walk into this large room with these men. They looked a bit odd because they all were wearing 18th century. It was so odd because every one in that room was dressed this way. The guy to my right had on the suit with white undershirt thing with the over coat as gold, blue and some silver. He and some others had this one handed fancy sword that looked like it was more for decoration. The handle was purely gold with no ordainments, the un sharpen blade had something written on it in a very intricate cursive that I couldn’t read it.
I look forward to see the girl in the jet pilot suit was up in the middle but more towards the front. There was this guy that sat on this plat form along with two others. The guy up there was wearing extra fancy looking clothing (how the hell he was comfortable I don’t know…) he looked to her and she fell on one knee and said father as if she was delivering news or was called by him. If this wasn’t weird enough it gets weirder.

The guy walked down a bit and talked to her but the dream switched before I knew the exact conversation. The dream took me to this odd alter that…honestly I don’t know. Then one of the guys came up next to me and asked me a odd question to the point I don’t know if it is a test or statement or what but he asked “Do you know how many spirits I had to summon?”

I looked at the odd candle that had a eye above it (really odd wtf) and said no. He looked at me and I felt him smirk despite me not seeing his face. But I felt he was answering “Yes you do.”
The dream then shifted a bit and I saw the name “Tiamat” engraved on this stone where the altar was.

The dream then went to the next part which is equally confusing as hell. It was me after I got married at a wedding party. The father person was there and once again he said a very confusing message. She looked pleased as he stood there watching me. There was two others with him. All three was dressed in that 18th century attire. He held on his sword as if it was a cane in front of him with both hands. He smiled slightly at me and said “Yes, the bloodline will continue.” That’s when the dream changed to this place I recognized as the old church I went to what I was little. I saw everyone sitting as if they were listening to the person up front. But it looked like time was paused and this one very tall lady stood out. She was beautiful but kinda in a scary way. She was tall and looked extremely strong. I did not see her eyes because her long wavy hair was covering my view. She had a nice nose and full lips. She had on a black dress of sorts and her dark tan skin looked soft yet hard at the same time. She had really long nails but wasn’t colored. I put my hand over my mouth in shock and a tear rolled down my cheek. “No…” was all I could say, frozen and shocked for some reason at this very strong and intimidating lady. She did not seem like one to harm me but at the same note it’s like looking at a really powerful goddess that you know could easily end not just your life but the worlds with just a snap of her fingers.

I just thought of this dream was weird like WEIRD and find it funny that I see that some was called to Tiamat when I got up this morning. This was also my first that I know of that had her in it. :thinking:


I also had odd dreams lately 1 of them lord Lucifer was in it and the other I dreamed that King Bael had a message for me he possessed my younger brother. He was also good friend with my little sister and I felt jealous. Cause I thought my little sister was more special.

What is going on with the odd dreams?

Last night I dreamed that a fire cracker exploded in my hands and face and and I could hear no more and my ears were bleeding :scream:

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This isn’t the first either. I have been having really odd dreams and experiences as of late. A lot honestly I wouldn’t believe it if it didn’t happen to me.
One for example was my Lucifer ring I had gotten. I went to get it because I saw on my phone it was delivered. I walked to the mail box, nope. I walked to the front, nope. I went around back and went through the back door to enter the kitchen and asked my friends if they seen a package and they said no. Confused I walked back out the back door i just came from and right in front of the door was the package. I couldn’t help but to scratch my head at this. I know if it was there I would have seen it. Lol

Yeah it’s crazy. I have no clue what’s going on right now. The most recent one I had I was falling asleep for a nap and clear as day I saw four old people about to cross the street. One was a man with a cane. He was be gaining to cross when this red double bus came and hit him but it went through him as if he was a ghost. I “felt” it though on my right side as the guy was experiencing this and heard him say “Hey!!” Just really weird and crazy. A wtf moment :joy:

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I had a similar dream but I think it was about 6 months ago. And only that my ring is a pentagram :slightly_smiling_face: and it was gone missing and I was just looking for it and could not find it, I felt so annoyed and angry during that dream.
I remember I found it on the table with my crystals eventually :thinking:

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That is really fascinating xD Thank you for shared great

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