A Realistic Dream I had with 2 Spirits

As I was sleeping in my dream before my bed were 2 spirits one was dressed in full green the other was like a violed purple shirt and like a suit of pure darkness and something like huge authoroty and Kingly about him the green one flew over me and loked like an insane person verry odd like a puppet but alive then he did something with some green energy and shoot it up my head it felt like a restoration or something good then I got on my feet and handshook with the king in darkness like I was before god wih huge respect and admiration he was like the devil himself but waay better I dont know who he was can you help me the green one might have been raphael I associate him with green and the other one might have been either Lucifer Belial Belzebub Azazel or someone else

Iā€™d say meditate on it and see what answers you can get from your intuition.

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