A real coincidence or something else

As stated in my intro, I am new to this whole thing. While I find it very interesting, I hit a very low point upon losing the love of my life as in breaking up. Since, I have tried to better myself as a person but also I have asked for help. Help from sources I never thought I would. I was desperate, wrote countless pacts and petitions, and probably botched some rituals as a noob. Asking anyone, Lucifer, Zepar, others. However, yesterday I stumbled upon Sallos. I wrote a petition to him and tried my best to speak a few times as well. Last night as stated in my first intro, I had a strange dream about him talking to me. I usually do not recall my dreams.

Today, after making my best attempt at a hand drawn sigil and talking to him. (Wasn’t sure he was there. I am not the clairvoyant type.) While out at several stores, I noticed two strange things. The first thing I noticed was that my eyes were automatically drawn to a Crocodile Hunter board game. I thought to myself that was kind of odd. Next store, I’m randomly browsing and without thinking pull out a shoe from the rack and stitched on the side…was a tiny crocodile. Could be a random coincidence. Could not be. Only time will tell!


The only way to tell the difference between actual coincidence and magical result is repetition.

Once is coincidence.
Twice is still most likely coincidence.
Three times ceases to be coincidence.

Coming across a crocodile motif does not necessarily mean it is a sign from the spirit. However, as a beginner, it could be helpful to assume it is.


Thank you so much for the reply! I am keeping hopeful and I will keep trying to commune with him more and more. I’m also happy that my mood has increased ten-fold since trying to contact him. It seems like I am riding a high that I’ve not came down from. All my other tries I’ve felt the same, but this time sure feels different. :smiley:


Evoked Sallos to mend a broken marriage. Started seeing Steve Irwin all over my social media but assumed it was the anniversary of his death. Same night my wife mentions the same thing. Quick google and I found out no Anniversary. I like the idea this is Sallos but in reality we probably follow many of the same social media accounts. Still taking it as a win.


I also made an attempt and a petition to speak with Dantalion last night as well. While I have no experience or books to guide me, I have done a lot of searching on here and while I have not had any direct contact, I am aware that they always do hear you. I just come to them humbly and with a changed heart towards my lost love.

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Sallos is an amazing entity, mostly peaceful and very patient. Working with him is a pleasure. I had similar crocodile imagery appear when I worked with him, so it could be a sign.

Keep in mind that your mind sees what it expects to, so if you expect to start seeing dozens of signs, you might start to interpret things that way even if that’s not what’s happening. That being said, it would not surprise me at all if the good Duke is sending you some crocodile vibes. Best of luck working with him. Hail Sallos!