A quick thanks to a group that helped me

Anyone who followed my workings and my targets… Well 18 months worth of spells and such came to pass a couple of days ago. A target i wanted a text/apology from finally sent me one. It wasn’t an apology really but a thought out text. He had an nightmare spell on him that would only be lifted with a text. I wasn’t specific so i did get what i wanted. 18 months without so much as a hi and he wrote me unprovoked (well in a mundane sense).

I think it was the final spell that got him but wanted to thank some who I worked with in case it was a culmination of other spells.

Thank you very much to Queen Lilith and King Paimon. Artemis, Aphrodite, Dukes Sallos and Dantalion, I may have asked Hecate for her help at some point. Im going to create a group offering next week as soon as I plan out what to present. I also asked Prince Orobas and my guide for guidance with my divination as well.

To sum it up??? I was correct with everything I stated in my posts. He does not stay away long (yes i did a spell. He did not acknowledge the nightmare. He went in a different direction. Talking about what I wrote last year.) He kept a very detailed text (my last one to him) and reread it (after claiming he constantly deletes messages. He kept that one). Sounds like he is kind of asking me to wait for him. Well im not. That ship sailed many moons ago. But its what he , kind of, said.