A question to EA: Utilizing terror to manifest a physical object

I’ve had two dreams in the past(before I started practicing Evocation) where I had a nightmare where something attacked me and I managed to pull that through to the physical realm…

First instance, Was when A large blue spider attacked me and I grabbed it, waking up as I did and threw it, it dissipated into smoke as It went through the air

Second instance, A female in a dream lunged down on me with a blade in each hand, I grabbed each of her wrist as I was waking up. I was still struggling to keep the blades from stabbing me as they slowly dissipated into smoke.

This sounds similar to what you were talking about in another thread of the devil’s stone.

My question is could I utilize that sense of terror in a ritual, to manifest a physical object? I think working with Pan(within the context of Pan Paradox would be great for this).

I was living in a house when as kid till 13 years old. That house had many poltergeist, there was suicide on that field before we built a house there. Then i moved to an apartment downtown. The couple that moved to that house were the owners of the apartment and they had some magick pratices. After some months the man died…and one year later the woman died.

After a week of the woman’s death i had exactly what you are talking about…with snakes and giant spiders.

I also had my right arm pulled…

I had all that until i started studying the occult and magick. Then it all stopped.

Yea…i had no knowledge of spirituality and there was terror on that.

By the way i always had the urge to find something beyond, but could not name it. When i found Magick, this urge stopped. Also the poltergeist “attacks”.

Maybe Ancestors stuf… i dont know yet.

Sleeping and waking states are the same for the mind. The minds function is to dream. Pulling something from a sleeping dream and manifesting it to at least one of your waking senses seems very possible to me.

Fear is a good motivator. In the carlos castenda book “journey to ixland” carlos castenda recounts don juan often using fear to get him to do stuff right. My magic also seems to be a bit stronger when acting out of fear of something.

Same here, I call it “emergency magick”