A question to all witches/warlocks, whether or not you are in a coven - a Solitary question

I am currently working through the following books, on Lesson 3 in each:
Buckland, Complete Book of Witchcraft
Buckland, Book of Spirit Communications
Kraig, Modern Magick
Conway, Celtic Magic.

I have several other books I read or reference or have yet to be read, but my question goes something like this —
On the topic of initiation, one wittch once told me it was done through blood, sweat and tears, literally or not I dont know, but take it to mean a long arduous process.

So, the question is, is it like that?



depends, from what i know, many covens and groups like that do put people through a pretty intense initiation, but from my perspective as a solitary magician it seems rather pointless aside from the psychodramatic aspects. It seems to me to be more focused on breaking down their inhibitions towards the group really rather than any kind of spiritual gnosis.

The important thing with initiation is to open your mind to the reality of spirit, and certainly those kinds of things can, but personally I prefer a softer approach of meditation, sleep deprivation, fasting etc to reduce your focus on the physical body and instead to focus on the spiritual one. Connecting to the energies and entities you are beginning work with should be done in a respectful way, in honor of the powers they wield, at least that’s my take on it.

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Nicely said, thanks :slight_smile:

In the field of esotericism, at least the “initiatory” type discussed for example by Guénon, there is the matter of particular conditions which the individual must satisfy (at the moment it occurs me only a good health as one of them).
Otherwise the initiation can’t take root, maybe it would even be harmful; further, there are two forms to be wary of: pseudoinitiation and the worser counter-initiation. Assuming that such isn’t the case, in a legit instance the individual would receive a virtual initiation and then it’s necessary that he/she works on that to develop it.


If you are undergoing extreme emotional trauma (ie a divorce, death in the family etc) at the time you attempt this, you can cause a psychotic break. This is something not widely known.


For an initiation she did, I guess it was? The question is why? She told you nothing useful. “Blood, sweat and tears” are not “how” it’s done, those are physical effects of what was being done. They mean nothing out of context, right?

I have only once joined an order, and the initiation was a ceremony to spiritually welcome me into the lineage and connect my destiny to the orders from a magickal perspective. It meant the order gave me a reserve of energy that I could draw upon, that of the elders, for workings that I might not have has the skill or strength to do alone. I would be able to ask questions and receive answers through gnosis from the orders elders. As well as the admin side that I could attend classes and daily ceremonies performed on camera/in person.


Well the initiation is very different from coven to coven but it normally includes the oath and being welcomed by the important members. But some indeed use bodyfluids and then you should know everything about it because of health risks

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