A question since I'm curious:

Does anyone bind servitors/Egrigores/other spirits to their tools to enhance effect? and what do you do with them after you’re done with them?

"The Sixteenth Name is AGAKU This Power can give life to what is already dead, but for a short time only. He is the Lord of the Amulet and the Talisman. His Word is MASHGARZANNA and his Seal is this


“(16) AGAKU
AGAKU is the Fourth name of TUTU. He has mercy for the Vanquished gods. It was this power that created Man and has the power over life and death (even to grant life to the dead). He has knowledge over the Amulet and Talisman as he is the lord of the Holy Charm.”

“16. AGAKU I used to summon this guy to charge all of my talismans, tools, etc,etc. Then one day he told me that merely pronouncing his name over the item would be just has powerul. I asked him if I was bothering him by summoning him all the time. He said no, but that it would save me a lot of work if just use his name and word of power over the item to charge it.”

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Sounds like a “YES” :slight_smile:

If working with spirits from BOA you can use the 2nd gateway to bind the spirits to an object.

Ah, but gentlemen, my query was not in the “how” but the “how many” actually do this practice.you’d be surprised at how many just buy some “cool looking” blade for an Athame and get some made in China wand from Witch’s surplus online and then just blunder into ritual WITHOUT EVEN CONSECRATING THE TOOLS and expect to be Merlin.I suppose it thins out the lazy and the stupid.I’m actually surprised at the number who do it right in here.EA must be a hell of a teacher! :slight_smile:

I have recently learned that I can bind certain spirits to the resin I burn as incense. They then, once released into the air, open gateways for me so I don’t have to do it myself. Helpful if you have a lot of gateways to open :slight_smile:

But I must stress that you should only do this with certain sprits. Not all of them like the idea of being bound to resin only to be burned and melted.

Some are tied to certain substances by nature, I’d think those would be of priority use. :slight_smile:

I read that this writing is a fake grimoire. One time I evoked a spirit named Zisi to bring peace to a very volatile situation at work. It worked, but after I read that about the grimoire I assumed it was coincidence, and haven’t returned to it in favor of the Goetia. Please understand, here, I mean no offense to those of you that follow this grimoire. Any thoughts?

All Grimoires are in a sense faked, at some point. The real question is when does any Grimoire become legitimate. In my opinion the grimoire is real and becomes real when a magician makes substantial contact with the entitites within until then its just a list of names that someone thought up in an altered state or derived from older languages. The energetic currents called upon in any working may be real, but it seems the masks that they assume such as specific mythologies, character traits, names etc, are real - but only when they are being directly interacted with, and acknowledged as real. Kind of strange.

No grimorie, EVER fully details a working.subtle items and events are left out, either purposely or unconsciously as a fail-safe against fools and the profane, and in any event, a grimorie is mostly for the author first, and a point of focus for those who come afterwards in hope they “fill in the blanks” and "become."
Oh sure, the evocation of Absu got him to manifest in your basement and seal a pact for your girlfriend’s virginity etc, BUT behind the functional ritual, there is an unwritten one where you would have tapped her ass and not had to bug an Elder, an in the end, they ALL hope we can learn between the lines and be as they. :slight_smile:

The closest I get is the consecration of idols. For example, performing a baptismal rite with the three statues of La Santisima Muerte to make them the physical representation of the colored robe.

I do that, though I only call in spirits, not bind them, and they have to WANT to work with me - not because I’m nice, but because I want a team who’s on my side and not itching to get out and away. If I stop using the tool, I command the spirit that it’s free to go or stay, then dispose of it using whatever method’s appropriate, after giving the spirit time to decide what it wants to do.

I also set an intention (in a sense, place it on a billboard on the astral planes) that in a few days I’m going to buy whatever tool, and that gives entities the time to find the tool, then I’ll let divination or intuition steer me towards it - this is also how I buy all my electronics now, to stop them getting busted, and I posted about that elsewhere earlier today.

I’ve been doing this since childhood (took me a while to work out I needed to be more serious about it for electronics), I’ve always believed things have souls.

I was very much Surprised by an answer from Azazel saying that e (and therefore may be all entities) come into existence when you consider them.
That makes the questions, “Are spirits Real?”, “were are they?”, “what makes them ligitimate?” obsolite…
So, you create a (may be Subjectiv) Reality where the entitie is Real?!
Because when you create an Entety from thin Air in Evocation dose it matter as long as it works?

[quote=“Vergil, post:13, topic:2258”]I was very much Surprised by an answer from Azazel saying that e (and therefore may be all entities) come into existence when you consider them.
That makes the questions, “Are spirits Real?”, “were are they?”, “what makes them ligitimate?” obsolite…[/quote]

And remember we’re “spirits” too, have you read the Kybalion? It dicusses how all percieved seperate consciousness is like characters created by an author, it’s a worthwhile read (the 7 Laws are invaluable) and there are plenty of free versions online because it’s out of copyright.