A question regarding dark entities

I have a question about dark entities or parasites. How to get rid of them?
And what are they really?
I can’t even sleep let alone do any practice.

Dark entities and parasites aren’t the same thing and getting rid of them are a bit different, dark entities are entities whose energy aligns with dark energy element wise, parasites can range from anything, but usually are more of the ambient variety because parasites can feed off most energies and those energies tend to mix within the parasite (i.e ambient)

To get rid of a parasite you can pretty much do anything from evoking a deity, demon, angel, yokai, fae, or you can use your own energy and burn the parasite, or ground them out, all depends on the type of parasite, if it’s latched, tendrils, etc.

You can even make a shield around you that keeps out parasites while draining ones that may already be latched to a point it starves it to death.


Do an LBRP and pray to Archangels

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Really? A deity or a demon can help you with a parasitic entity? And also, don’t I have to form a relationship with a deity before I ask them to do something for me? Thank you very much.

Yes, and no, you can keep it business or form a personal bond with them.