A question regarding Asatru/Heathenry/Norse Paganism

I’ve found lots of quotes in my havamal on kindness, respect, and being mindful of your impact on others. What’s your thoughts on this?


Depending on which quotes you’re specifically referring to, it’s good to live by imo


You have to take the interconnected nature of Wyrd and the strength of your Hamingja into consideration. Your Hamingja ( your natural sheild so to speak) is strengthened or weakened based on your social standing, and your Wyrd ( fate ) is not only interwoven with that of others but is inherited by your descendents so if your are a jackass that effects not only you, but your posterity.

One of the biggest misconceptions I have found among black magicians is that mages should be nasty bad asses that go around being mean to people left, right, and center. It is unfortunate, because it shows that those practitioners truly does not understand The Art.

If you look at any powerful mage, you will see that are generous and have a high social standing in their respective communities. They don’t get that way by being dickheads and killing off all of their rivals. They get that way by understanding how the universe works (ie magick).

In the Norse paradigm (which the Havamal obviously is nestled in), everything is connected through the Web of Wyrd. Think of it, truly, as a web. If you take one part of a spider web and touch it, those vibrations are felt throughout the entire thing. Modern usage calls it The Butterfly Effect.

Remember, magic is the moving of probability, it works through the path of least resistance. If you are kind to those around you, if you respect people, even strangers, if you are mindful of what you do and say, this opens up the paths on the Web of Wyrd in order for magic to work. If you have cleared the path on that part of the Web around you, you don’t have to work anywhere near as hard as a magician to get what you want.

In this context, it has nothing to do with karma, with love and light, with god soul of people, blah, blah, blah. It is about the mage getting what they want, and realizing that magick works in all paradigms that we live by, the transcendental, the materialist, and the magickal.


I tend to view “black/dark” magick as magick that deals with internal concepts of a subjective personal nature. White/light magick deals with external concepts of an objective communal nature.

I like to consider black and white magick morality similar to lawful or chaotic alignments in dnd. I think I can explain it simply with these videos.

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