A question in regards to EA's complete works

Hey all :smile:

I’ve got a question and I figured someone could help.

I bought EA’s complete works when I bought the BMoA and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to work through some of those as well.

So my question is, where should I start? I was thinking either Evoking Eternity or Questing After Visions as I’m brand new to magick.

What is your guys’ opinions?

Cheers my BALG Family :slight_smile:,

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Depends on what your goals with magick are, havin an idea of where you wanna go can help keep you focused when things arnt going your way.

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Seeing and hearing are my current goal.

From my experiences emmersion in any in a specific current will get you that. Only thing is you need to work at it so you adapt to it.

So then it is just a question of what type of magick interests you and get started.

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In that case I may just stick with my BMoA exercises and read questing after visions.

Thanks for the help!

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In that case I would recommend also reading the avesta scriptures as kurtis suggests in the book, it acts as the preparatory emmersion for the work. I’ve been reading the bundahishn and it is proving to be a lesson in self discipline to just read the thing without losing focus.

Not as dry as some textbooks ive had to read but has an effect like um.

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Yep. If you want to take this approach check out Works of Darkness first. It’s a bit of a primer for general black magick. Good read, too.