A question about the "Master Evocation" course


Hello everyone.
I´ve been thinking about acquire the Master Evocation course but I need to know something:
It is necessary to posses a large quantity of material resources?
I m not very familiar with the use of candles, sigils, altars, etc.
I don´t want to spend money in something that will order me to acquire more “magical” items that I don´t use very properly (By the moment)
Waiting for your answer!


Actually not at all in the course he teaches to evoke with no tools, no circle, no triangle, no incense, even without a sigil.


You would need a black bowl or mirror for scrying, incense (and coals for burning it) for a manifestation base, paper to draw seals, a ritual dagger, and some method of creating a physical circle (while this is not strictly necessary, having a physical circle is helpful for complete beginners).


Where is this course to be found?:thinking:


Okayy, thanks for answering!


Thanks for the answer!


It is on the web page. http://becomealivinggod.com/courses/


Cool, many thanks