A question about the astral temple

I will talk about a short subject. A few days ago it was my 1st year on this forum. Although this process may seem short when viewed from afar, it is a very long time for me. Unfortunately, in the country I live in, there are no suitable resources on such issues and I can find a lot of information on this forum that I can’t find on the internet. Thank you all for this. And I would like to thank the other people, especially the moderators, who helped me with the problems I experienced during this process.

I know there is a lot of information about the astral temple in the forum but I still have a few different questions. Unfortunately, my environment is not suitable for evocation. And I realized that I couldn’t get proper efficiency with the pendulum. Therefore, if I build an astral temple to go beyond these tribulations, will it be more efficient and safe?

And can a person whose senses are closed can do proper work in the astral temple?

Nobodies senses are closed, it’s just a case of building the skill. :slight_smile: Meditate on it every day and it will get clearer as you go.

Have you seen the tool free magick tutorial?