A question about magickal attacks

Recently, there have been things going wrong in my life, false accusation here with incarceration, step daughter who is mentally challenged, yet is really a sweet kid, has become oppositional, chaotic, abusively rebellious, significant other, while still mourning the death of her spouse a half decade later, having gone on the Depression Diet with results, going from over 300 lbs to just under 150, going through stressful situations not her making.

I realize that it’s currently Mercury retrograde, but this has been going on before this.

Could anyone offer any insights?

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Mercury retro ends around April 10-13th around there I’m not too exact on the date. It’s coming to a close.

To see if you’re under magickal attack; have you
made any enemies recently? Noticed any photos or miscellaneous personal belongings missing? Try piece together all that’s happened recently and see if it points to a person or even energy.

In particular, when everything feels like it’s gone to utter shit — it really has, but it just gets better. We just gotta find out the discrepancy here. I’m sure there are people you can contact who can do a reading on you. My mom had hers done recently and realised someone had put black magick on her business.

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About enemies, I have none, but things have gone missing for 20 years here now. I’ve always thought that I have infestations of fae here. I don’t want to fight them or kick them out, but make peace and get my shit back. A lot of dope disappeared under mysterious circumstance, And yes, it is getting better, generally speaking.

Believe me, sometimes just by thinking we are cursed we curse ourselves. Sometimes we are just paranoid, but sometimes we are also right by thinking someone cursed us.

This is how I see it: Take this as a sign from your Higher Self that you have to be protected in case that you are really cursed. You can perform a banishing ritual every now and then and I have a friend that persons a reverse spell every month. I personally keep a protective talisman under my bed that I charge when I feel I need to.

Just a word of warning: Don’t become obsessed with the thought that you are cursed. As I said, sometimes just by having a lot of emotion on that though we can curse ourselves.

It can also be that these times are particularly challenging because of Mercury and other “weird things” that I have been feeling in the air a long time ago; I’ll leave that to your discretion

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Guy, I’m not obssessed with the thought I am cursed. As far as I’m concerned, it is what it is, and I’m just trying to gain a bit more understanding of the situation. I don’t want to cast any kind of spells if I don’t have to. Not only am I too old and lazy to want to cast any spells willy nilly, but I just don’t have the energy to obssess and spew multiple spells like some youngster. It might not even be any kind of curse, but in all likelihood, is just my allowing Mecury Retro to get to me a bit, like scratching a mosquito bite just increases the irritation so you feel you have to itch more.

Hey, need a wand? I have a whole lot of saplings that I have to thin out, and a lot of them have had honeysuckle climbing them, making a spiral scar. The saplings are all about 6 to 8 feet tall, skinny, no bigger than an inch across. I have some I cut a long time ago that are very dry, but the wood is sound. I think they are maple, too. If you want, say the word, and I’ll get one ready for shipping. Never saw a wand that was made of twisted wood(the spiral scar from the honeysuckle vine climbing it). Want and geodes? I have 60 acres of woods here in south central Kentucky.


This doesn’t sound like a hex have any of the following happened:

Items disappeared mystetiously.

Frightening visions.

Hearing strange voices.

Unexplained illnesses.

Technology beeing blocked or malfunctioning constantly from an unknown cause.

If none of these apply than I doubt it’s a hex thrown by someone but just the events of everyday life.

As to things disappearing mysteriously, that’s been going on for 20 years now.

No frightening visions, but I do get nightmares from my time in jail last year, where they threw me into the Hole upon finishing processing me into jail, and spent a month there, 24 hrs a day, not the federally mandated 23 with 1 out for shower and stuff, the voices in my head might not be real, but they sure have a few good ideas every now and then, no unexplained illnesses, and no tech has been blocked or has malfed beyond what is usually expected.

As to the jail experience, I’m letting the two sides battle until the lawsuit is settled(I’m a disabled veteran), and we can get the hell out of this area.

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