A question about Goetic Demons

Dear All,

I was wondering if one could summon a demon where his/her area of expertise is different than what you are about to request, for instance, summoning a demon whom is able to help in financial matters to ask for love & relationship.

The reason I am asking is that if I have been successful in getting what I want with a certain demon and sort of felt a connection, would that count as taking liberties when requesting something which are out of their specialty (at least according to the book I am reading)


Often, they have far more abilities than what is listed in the old-ass grimoires. You never know what they can do for you until you try asking


You absolutely can, but they may refer you to another spirit that is better able to help you as well. Sometimes their skillsets are much more broad than what is commonly known, and sometimes they’d prefer not to meddle with certain things.

I need to find that the spirit that can help me most, gets a referral of sorts, or in some way approaches me when those I am currently working with are not a fit for another operation.

It depends on the spirit. Most of the time it may decrease the chance of success, but otherwise they may be able to. But I find that each spirit works with a different flavor if I can put it like that.

I know that certain Goetia demons who associate with two different things. For example, Bune is associated with necromancy and money.

Absolutely. I have one main entity that I work with and it can handle anything. Even though spirits may have a certain strong suit it doesn’t mean they can’t help with other matters. Personally I feel we get lost in the books as it tend to make these beings rather one dimensional. If you have a good working relationship with this being then go for it.