A question about Goetia has been answered in my dream

Yesterday evening, I was going through different powers of 72 goetia demons. I noticed that many of them was about inflicting curses to others, or protecting himself from them… Then I had a thought, what If 2 enemy magickians start to send curses to each other while also casting protections through the same system using the powers of the 72… Who would actually win such a battle ? and end up by being protected, while his adversary crippled with the curse ?

The very same night, I have a dream, seeing a young boy aged 10-12 saying me that such a situation will depend on the strength of established relations of each magus with the demons he will work with but also the quality of offerings that each of them will do…

Stunning how this directly answered my question, it is something I wanted to share with you


This is the conclusion I came too as well, it’s like an auction, this is why I work with Kali or Michael, because they don’t pick sides, they just destroy the negative polarity in the situation, it’s also why I don’t curse others, I pray for them and help them learn instead of attacking, that’s the more Jupiterian path of compassion, to be the elder and to view such actions as the acts of a child, there’s no need for warfare on the magicians part, gods and goddesses handle things pretty well

Besides cursing and deflecting curses. There was powers oriented for self development or other practical endeavor. But heavily for causing pain/cursing others. Does goddesses as Kali or Egyptians require to be adored and worshiped ?

Not to my knowledge, all the gods and goddesses I worked with actually came to me, I never initiated first contact, I work with them sometimes and I always call them on when I need them as well, I don’t praise them like they’re something above me though, I treat them more as respected guides and higher intelligences of the natural order

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