A question about demons

I am sorry if my question look stupid, but i wanna know how demons can teach languages? I know that this done via Evocation but i mean how this done ? Not the evocation but the learning , how the knowledge will be given to human from a demon

The demon aids in increasing the capacity of the mind to learn languages. You will pick up languages easier and become fluent faster but the demon doesn’t just download it into your head suddenly. You still have to immerse yourself and study it.


Thank you for the answer. This is what i am exactly doing I already fluent in 4 languages and since one year I am trying to learn a new one but to be honest its hard I am doing by best , from practice to courses my mind just stuck at some point


Then a spirit will definitely be able to help your mind become unstuck :slight_smile:

Call upon Ronove to aid you with languages!

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