A question about demonolatry

I didn’t come across this anywhere while researching Demonolatry and browsing many resources. Is Demonolatry affiliated with Satanism or is it a religion other than Satanism? I’m really confused. It may be a really absurd question, but I wanted to ask because I’m confused.

I would say it’s something different.


This question assumes that “satanism” is a one thing.

It’s safe to say there’s a few different versions/ideas about satanism.

The reality is the two intersect on a lot of fronts, but overall I’d say demonolatry is very much its own thing.


Demonolatry is its own religion, separate from Satanism.

A demonolator may or may not recognize Satan, whereas a Satanist considers Satan to be their “god.”

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Thanks for your answers. I found the answer I was looking for

Except for the so called church if Satan LeVeyan atheistic humanistic Satanist’s. That’s a whole other kettle of satanists. That call themselves Satanist’s but don’t believe in a real being called Satan (and therefore can’t be considered demonolaters or traditional Satanist’s aka one who considers Satan their god).

So complicated subjects all around because there’s so many different types of Satanists and probably also different types of demonolaters.

To patraphrase DarkedtKnight not all demonolaters are satanists and not all satanists are demonolaters and not all demonolaters recognize Satan as a god or real entity while some do so a demonolaters who believes in Satan and his divinity is a Satanist (by classic definition) but not all are satanists.

I think they’re related in the same way the Paganism and Wicca are related.

They have some things in common and cross over a bit, but really they aren’t the same practice/faith/religion/etc.


To me demonolater is worshipping, satanist well it’s say,better be a ace of aces

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Demonolatry is the worship of demons. Some Demonolators may recognize Satan, Lucifer, Samael, or other satanic entities as demons to worship also, thus overlapping with some versions of Satanism. Satanism has many branches just like any other religion, though the main principal of all types of Satanism tends to be the antithesis of Christianity, be it to worship Christian entities that oppose God or to be more philosophically involved with concepts that are otherwise anti-Christian such as indulgence, engaging in things considered “sinful” such as lust and gluttony and general forms of modern hedonism. Demonolatry can overlap, but isn’t technically considered Satanic.


It’s different from satanism, I for example practice exorcism, and im ex satanist and gaining my knowledge from demonology came from satanism, and from hell, then i started leaning to goddeses, now i work with living spirits on planet and we are pretty much at war with ex dynasties…

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Thank you all for your explanation. I was able to find answers to my questions.

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