A question about circles

So, I’ve recently learned the preparation steps for summoning Goetia demons. However, due to the lack of rooms/space in my apartment, I’m not sure I’d be able to create the “foundation” if that’s the proper term for it. Will it be acceptable if I used the Wiccan circle-casting method instead or would the demons be offended by that?


Yes, you can use a Wiccan circle casting. A circle is generally created and charged by Divine authority, and it doesn’t really matter what that Divine authority is. You can cast in the name of anything you view as a Higher Power, so YHVH, the Wiccan God/Goddess, Jesus, Lucifer, or Satan all work. You can even cast a circle in your own Name, as the Divine being you are.


When using the LRP, and visualizing and completing the circle, is that also sufficient? Or are we talking about salt or flour to actually physically draw the circle?

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One of the options, according to an author of magick, is to visualize with a strong concentration a simple circle without additional “stuff” colored for example in violet or red.


Yep, done that before too. Okay, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be a physical circle then.



Visualizing the circle.

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Or a certain size, right?

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Yep. Flaming. White, Red, Blue, your choice.

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