A Question about binding spirits to you or making “pacts”

When I say make pacts I’m more or less talking about making a spirit a patron or binding them to you.

I’m talking long term close relationship here not a pact for x amount of time in exchange for helping me with this.

There’s a spirit or two I feel like this would actually be a good thing to do with because of where I am in life and what I want to accomplish. I’m already familiar and close with these two but there’s something that kinda has me slightly hesitant for a moment.

Obviously you can’t get something big for absolutely nothing and I wouldn’t expect that but I always thought binding spirits to you was kind of submitting yourself to them after you die. Like you owe them a universal debt of some sorts or that’d you have to work for them in some way after your human life is over.

Maybe I’m over thinking it a little bit when it comes to things like that . What do most spirits deem neccessary in return for help like that ?

I mean I’m a little too open about repping my spirits to Normies so maybe if you have a big influence or audience that’s enough ? I don’t go around talking about magick all the time but I have a sigil on my rear windshield for a spirit helping me with something for ex.

Just something I thought I’d ask. I obviously don’t think most spirits are out to get you but they’d obviously want something equal in return. Maybe simple stuff means more to them than we think ?


Pact making is bigger than that.

I can tell you’re not, believe me. It isn’t that simple. How did u get close and familiar?

No, you shall pay for everything here, not after death.

You first need to do more search on the Art of Pact Making.

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