A Public thank you to Prince Sitri

This is a public thank you to Prince Sitri. His effects were fast and mysterious but it was a surprise. He is one of a kind.

I highly recommend working with him.

Hail Prince Sitri.

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Did he bring you a partner?

The only thing Sitri does for me is filling
me full of drugs ^^
I called him several times at parties.
He celebrates hardcore.
I recommend him for this.
Every time Sitri rules a party people are hilarious,
hurting each other, they get loud and drink much.
Sometimes the Police has to come ^^

He is like a social bomb at parties.
But that is only my experience.


Just noticed this.:laughing:

Unfortunately. the partner thing didn’t bore any fruit so nope.

But I can affirm that he acts like a wing-man, gives you certain thoughts to say during the flirting moments and is an expert at it.

The choice to decide a person to make him/her your partner ultimately depends on you.

This is so true. :laughing:

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