A public apology

In some previous posts, I falsely equated Yhvh with Yaldabaoth; I had done some research, and mistakenly spread the false doctrine that the two were the same; this was not Gnosis, but speculation. Within the past week, I met Samael in a vision quest, and He told me that He is Yaldabaoth, and He is not Yhvh. He explained that Yahweh was at one point His son (in a metaphorical sense), but is not recognized as such anymore by Samael, or anyone else, and has not been for a long time. They are not, and have never been the same being. Or even close. He also explained that He is not like how Yaldabaoth is described in The Secret Book of John, and that scripture is, to a degree, a deception. Samael, I am deeply sorry for falsely equating you with Yahweh; I should’ve sought personal Gnosis instead of letting the speculation do the talking. I am deeply sorry to all those who were misled by my misunderstanding. I have learned my lesson, and am ashamed. I promise I will do better in the future.


Hey its okay, all magicians get some hiccups in their work here and there :slight_smile: its good that you did your research


It is understandable. The personage of Yhvh gets alotta crap- assholio, yes, but No more than any other “Deity” of the time. Would that folks would see the easy and obvious, but due to the "Biblical "Texts… people read them as if when “someone” claims YhVh said to do something… they swallow it like sweet pudding. What folks simply miss, is that all of the texts are Written In the Opinion of Highly narrow minded, often politically tribally toxic as fuk for power only viewpoint.
Simply put, YhVh… is the Babylonian Deity Enki-EA. Phonetically EA… is the "Jewified’ YhVh. Why was "the Name of God’ so secret and only to be said by the tribal power chiefs??? because, after living in Babylon and scattered throughout the mesopotamian world, even a lowly ignoramous… would clearly hear the name of EA…aka Yah, in the very names they were scrambling to change from the Bal/Ba’al prefixes and suffixes. Also the reason why the [created After the Babylonian ‘exile] 10 commandments was very explicit against making or drawing any images of "Things in the Heaven Above and Earth Beneath’- and “Taking the Lords name in vain’ which doesn;t mean
“Godammit, Jesus fukn christ or Lordy Lordy” it meant… 'You can’t say this name… only the power chiefs can”. Then only in the holy of holies and only when the high priest has a chain tied to his ankle with a scarlet cord so when he get to High, as high Priest burning copious amounts of Hash Oil and Hash in a very small space passes out, they can drag him out without going in to retrieve him…[but that is another story…:smiling_imp: ]… instead they got to use “Adonai’ which smacks loudly of the Greek Capitivity IMHO.
Now, for the “Gnostics” gotta remember, the bad guys and the good guys are no different then the ‘Hilary is the devil’ for the right wing, and Trump is the devil for the left. So before assigning 'Good guys v Bad Guys” remember… in the Spiritual world, where these “Deities” may actually hail from- there is no Good v Bad Paradigm… that is a purely Ignorant Huiman Construct.
Finally, YhVh… aka bad assholio…? not really, just the Vengful angry expression of EA. just as Abaddon, may be a bad ass, and also complained about by possible existing john the Revelator- as Appolyon… the Angry Vengful aspect of APOLLO… who has actually more good press than Apollyon or Abaddon had Bad Press.
Another finally- as we are all Gods, not in embryo, but in Actuallity… we are Co-equal with them and as such the whole good bad ever shifting line in the sand is also vain as well as vague.
Just the opinion of a former 35 years christian priest, who switched to the "Dark Side’ and see far more clearly than ever on the “light Side”.


Also, just saying. isn’t Jerusalem a beautiful jewish word for “City of peace”?? well, only until you find it as a Sumerian Proper Name 2000 years before it was ever uttered to be a Jewish city. :thinking::astonished:

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This makes so much sense. I always wondered why a god of “peace and love” was so petty and vengeful. And demanding of blood sacrafices, human children no less. Reminds me of the Moloch from the beast master.

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I remember a reading a book once called the Law of One by RA. He mentions his names and one of them such as Adonai stood out the most. I met Adonai. I believe he is Lucifer as well.

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