A Public Apology to the Nine Kings and Lucifer

Dear Lucifer and the Nine Kings, especially King Belial,

I sincerely apologize for how I’ve treated you, I had no right to say what I did. I was frustrated at myself, because I could not see or hear you, and thus thought you did not show up. I projected my feelings toward you, because I was hurt. All my life I’ve been bullied and made to feel worthless by others. Left out.
We humans have a difficult time controlling our emotions, and lash out at others. You are a great King. I had no right to take my frustration out on you or anyone else.
You are NOT a “deadbeat king”.
You ARE a terrific King. I say this from how others have discussed their experiences with you, and I trust what they say. Now. I should never have distrusted you. I apologize from the bottom of my heart. I want to know you and the other kings.


Douglas James Cameron, a.k.a. Delfuego/Fuego.


Trust is often hard when you cannot see, hear, or feel. When that mixes with self doubt it can get nasty if you let it. Sometimes you don’t realize what you have either until it’s gone. I went through a misunderstanding myself recently. I was determined to do everything on my own to prove I was good enough. But in being honest with myself I missed him so much that I ached. I swallowed my pride and accepted that asking for help doesn’t make you weak. There was much crying, which is something I don’t let myself do often. I’m glad I opened up, things have been incredible since then.