A Psychic Situation

Hello everyone, I need some advice here. I have a friend who I believe is being haunted and tormented by a spirit of some kind.

Background: my friend, let’s call her Olivia, comes from a fairly psychic family. Her mom can find lost things by “praying” about it and Olivia always seems incredibly intuitive and just to know things she shouldn’t be able to. She also super Christian, preachers daughter. So there’s the opening. Olivia about two years ago, while she was in high school, dated a girl named Emily in secret. Emily is very tuned into the spirit world, sees visions and uses a ouija board often. Beginner stuff, but she never dove any deeper into our occult world. They broke up and it was heartbreaking for both of them.
After that time Olivia started getting nightmares. She won’t tell me what they’re about, but she’ll fall asleep while our friend group is hanging out and she’ll wimper and when I gently wake her up she’ll always scream and jolt awake.

I think she had some spirit introduced to her by her closesness to a medium and it latched onto her and her issues. Because she’s psychic whatever spirit this is can get a better hold in her mind since she’s so open to it, and because she Christian she doesn’t know how to handle these entities. My question is; how can I go about getting rid of it? She know I’m into the occult, but doesn’t know te extent.

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Rough situation. Would she be open to a cleansing with sage?

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Nightmares don’t necessarily indicate a spirit’s presence.

Get an idea of what the nightmares consist of, and if there are any other potential presentations of symptoms in her life.

Don’t jump to conclusions, as often the truth is stranger than expected.


You will need to use Christian system for a Christian patient. Use holy water and Christian prayers and that should do it but if not then PM me and I will give you more drastic measures.


This is imperative. On top of holy water and prayers, it is suggested to use saints and angels if you’re familiar with spirit work.

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