A Proposal

I think that there should be a rule against advertising your shit on here, it’s unneeded and an eyesore.

Euoi? If I only could find something good to say… He’s always stubborn and can’t accept another point of view even if you crack his head and force it into his brain. He’s always arrogant and thinks he knows everything about everyone, even if there’s no proof for that. BUT, if he could drop all that and start listening and being more civil with the other people, then his good side will shine forth and I really think he could be a great asset to this community.

Take your mother fucking self righteousness, shove it up your ass, and twist it around. :slight_smile:
Also note that everything you accuse me of is true for you. But if course, you won’t admit it. Ms. Perfect.

The only person I really don’t like here is Sevarn. I think he’s full of shit. But… he doesn’t stoop down to an extremely immature level. I like that.

Well if were doing testimonials about people we sometimes have a negative opinions of I suppose I may as well do one.

Sunas: Well he’s got guts, you have to hand him that much. Also he helped me get to know certain aspects of some things around me a bit better. Some of what he says is true, but its mixed with misunderstandings and red herrings. He also provided an excellent opportunity to see some of my stuff acting in the field, having half the forum trying to curse him only to have the energy get redirected was quite a feet.

Necromaster: As I said before while I don’t always agree with him or what he’s about he does know some interesting things. It was thanks to him bringing certain things to my attention I was able to meet the djinn and the hell locusts. Not to mention that rune I had in my profile pic served a purpose for awhile I no longer need it but it helped with what it was supposed to do when I had it.

Sevarn: He has been a surprising person in many ways as I thought that he would have been annaly raped by the stuff he was messing with by now but he’s managed to hold his own so far. He also gave me an idea for a pretty nice occult weapon.

Fluffycatz: Well if nothing else fluffys posts have brought alot of smiles and good times to the forum.

The dead horse people: They helped remind us all that we need to clean shit up

Daaawww, thank’s Euoi.

Let’s see, positive things, positive things… uh…

Orismen: The dude is nice, to say the utmost least of it. (Still working on organizing your request btw, didn’t forget about you) Like today, he gave me the title of a book on unraveling the mysteries of Nidhogg without me ever even mentioning it. ANYWHERE. He’s led me to places- pointed me in the right direction, really- where I never would have been before. Without Orismen I probably wouldn’t have known how to meet Nidhogg, and advanced a chunk of how far I have.

TWF: Guy’s got divination skills (though I may be on the verge of a breakthrough, but you guys have heard WAY too much of my rambling already) and is to the point. We don’t see eye to eye sometimes, but I like the fellow.

Euoi: All meat. No sugar coats and raw information. Granted we don’t see eye to eye either, but I know he’s got a spark. Somewhere, I’ve just yet to find it through the dead voice I read his posts in.

Neeros: Now, I am past Neeros’ apparent time here but the guy not only translated something as useful as Omnimancy into the vampiric arts, but his methods are stupidly effective.

Lady Eva: Didn’t forget you! Or your package, that’s on it’s way. She doesn’t really dance around questions, can be overly serious at times, and has a lot of experience and knows much. She’s wise beyond this time and can be trusted in a tight situation. She also starts great topics, like the Block World Theory which I’m still trying to wrap my head around. She’s quite the mage.

I don’t even need to say why Narius is a good guy, neither do I need to say anything about Frater A or defectron. Though seriously, defectron’s cornfield of enemy spirits has grown to like Nebraska size now. I’m surprised.

The1gza or however the fuck you spell that guy’s name: He’s a fun person to talk to, very supportive and offers multiple opinions. Plus, he’s White Jesus.

I don’t have much experience with Elison aside from back and forths, but I’d say he at the very least can hold a conversation.

Uh… am I missing anyone?

[quote author=Sevarn304 link=topic=3078.msg39488#msg39488 date=1397273868]

Out of curiosity when did you notice this happen? I did some stuff that may have pissed off certain partys not too long ago to understate things.

Good thread. Good responses.

Whut. I did not write that. Therefore,I call shenanigans. Therefore, you will be arrested, processed (aka raped), and thrown in a hole.
But don’t worry, I’ll visit you. :wink:

So much for keeping this thread positive. I guess everybody getting their feelings out in the open made them feel better so there’s that.

Seems things went down hill when the first ones here start to leave, mainly DK and Zoe. I remember the good 'ol days when DK would encourage exploration and innovation. Doesn’t seem like it was that long ago (it wasn’t), defectron was on here, as was The Wandering Fool, now TWF. I made a lot of jokes on pointless threads today, why, because they lost the point. I made some serious points on threads that made a good point as well. My point being, DK inspired more people on this forum than EA did, not knocking EA, he created this for this reason, and it was exactly what I would have wanted if I created a forum; for people to take my ideas from my works and run with it and push it further (mind you then we didn’t have the programs yet, the BoA was the last thing we had to work from EA). Things have gone far since, I signed up for the divination course the minute it was available (divination was never my strong point then, evocation was). The crowd roared when it came out! Point is, back then we all got along, yes there were debates, but they were civil. There are a few left here that remember that shit from when this forum started or a few months after. I say let’s go retro (though it was only a few years ago) and bring the good ol days of invocation back. Let’s make this fucking forum what it was when I first joined (a few months after inception), let’s make this what EA wanted. A place where ego is checked at the fucking door and we are all equals (the Im no better than you mentality). A place where we help each other (read the old posts from the beginning, it was once that way). You may know more than someone else, but is it needed to brag about it and point out their flaws? And if you have much to learn and someone gives you advice, instead of being defensive say thanks; because at the end off the day, none of us knows it all, all no matter how advanced you are, you will be a student until the day you die.

Sorry for the rant, Orismen (a damn good magus) made me rember what this forum was when it started. Just missing the old helping your fellow brother out type of shit. We can all work together and be brothers and sisters. This forum may have been started by EA (and much repect to him, his book taught me how to fully evoke), but he left it in our hands, and what a fucking circus it is. Let’s start fresh, and ego’s and polis attitudes can be checked in at the door. Honesty and respect. Innovation and exploration of new ideas. Not old rehashed shit from grimoires from the days of yore. New ideas and ‘personal experience’. Also, we can all read and can all use google, don’t ask before you even tried to google it. Some ask for a demon for lust here, google just gave me 11 possible demons on the first page. Really, I typed in “demons lust”. Look first, please. But also to the grimoire Nazi’s and those who think research is the end all and be all, guess what, those 400 year old book may be old and tried and true, but we don’t all work from them, personal gnosis is just that, personal, that’s why I rarely share mine, and those who do get bashed with grimoire ‘facts’, ease up. Again we are all here to learn. Sorry for the long rant, I’m done for now. Regardless, I still love this forum. Been here for a long while now, and I plan on staying. Finally, thanks to EA and Timothy for giving us a place where we can say all this, thumbs up Brothers!

Excellent post. Before I started posting I read a lot of the old stuff, hours of it, and then I continued to read the archives (I’ve read almost every post on here) and so I feel I know what you’re talking about, even if I wasn’t here to witness it.

My opinion on this smug bullshit stuff that comes up sometimes is, if you know more than someone else, you either share it - PMs are fine, pointing someone to a book or site’s fine, and I’ve done that plenty myself and had people point me to things too - or you STFU.

I had an idea recently for some really cool group work we could do and I’ve watched the last few days on here with dismay, because I can’t see how we can make it work if everyone’s suddenly either taking sides, taking a break, or there’s a general vibe of discord in the air, or if the threads that are full of crap are sucking the air out of the forum.

A big fat Ignore Button would solve 100% of the problem. We begged for it in the days of Sunas, and alas we were not heard. There are some who say he lingers still, in his cave, waiting, making up stories about being possessed by squid people, preparing for the day he will return to start Forum War IV.

When I first joined I read every post, didn’t have many to go through, but I didn’t post anything because most were about the Book of Azazel and I didn’t have that yet. Then I noticed DK started posting in the other unused areas and I finally felt I had something to add. I joined a few months after this forum started, and there are people here who give better advice than I ever could, so I only try and post when I really have something to add (aside from the occasional joking). And I may snap at pointless lazy questions, but I encourage honest ones (Goddesslives being a good example of honest wanting to learn). I don’t know all, wish I did, but after almost two decades I am still a student to magickal arts, and regardless of claims to mastery, we all are. That’s the nature of magick, there is always more to learn and we will be students to the mystery until our end.

So here’s my take…

First there was the “gay” newb that people wanted to put a death curse on. Then there was the whole… Nazi thing, which was more of a scuffle… Then there was Sunas. Then there was Elison. Now there’s Elison part II, where she’s learned not to insult Eric or Timothy directly, but ramped up the personal insults and queenly posturing toward everyone else to make up for it. Also there was that whole fluffycatz thing in there somewhere.

With the first slew of ordeals, I was one of the pearl-clutching folks who thought it was going to hell. But this time I’ve been amusing myself because I know it’s just a cycle.

I’ve been on several good occult forums before this, one private one in particular, and what killed those forums wasn’t the Sunas’s and the Elisons and the Fluffys. What killed those forums was that no one was allowed to be MEAN to the Sunas’s and Elisons and Fluffys. Newbie talks like a Babelfish abortion and responds to every post on every thread? You just had to put up with it because telling someone he’s an obnoxious asshole would get you banned.

But I expect this to settle down pretty quickly. None of these ever last that long.

Defectron: Last time I went to your Nebraska? Ah… a week ago, roughly. I went to pick off some spirits and invited them into my home, I usually only let 5 or so in at a time, but there was about 30 that rushed me this time around.

You should probably care, but hey, more food.

@ Orismen: completely off topic, but do you see any negative thing to making runes out of stainless steel? You have experience in this realm, I don’t. But about a year ago I made some on the waterjet that came out pretty good. I have since made the the program better and cleaned it up and would like to send you a set if you see no problem with the material (stainless steel just looks amazing, a bitch to machine, but the end result is always nice). If you want a set, PM me your address. You have given this forum a lot, and you seem to like runes, call this my giving back to the magus who is trying to make his mark. If you don’t want stainless, I can always see what else we have at work (hydro plants) in 1/8 inch sheets to make as well. I have used the shit out of aluminum bronze to make sigils, but I may have enough left to make some out of that (maybe have enough, otherwise its steel or diamond plate if you don’t want stainless steel). If you are interested that is. Figure since you gave me some good advice for free on a reading, this is the least I can do.

Stainless steel sounds badass!

Traditional runes were carved on oak, yew, or ash. But that is mostly because that was what was readily available to the Teutonic peoples then. Carving (or engraving) them on stainless steel shouldn’t be a problem.

From what I can see from my workings with them and my rituals with Odin the runes are the archetype forms of the forces they represent. So carving them out of any substance won’t have any negative consequences. It is up to the Vetki (rune magician) to internalize, which will help unlock their secrets and that is the secret of the rune work.

Your question corresponds a lot with what I learned over these last few weeks.

Orisman was trying to be Ms. Norbury with this thread.

I don’t understand that reference.

I was trying to promote real work and not 85 pages of pointless arguments.

I don’t understand that reference.

I was trying to promote real work and not 85 pages of pointless arguments.[/quote]

Real work threads rarely get to 5 pages let alone 85. I agree we’re all to blame for that.