A proper introduction

{brace yourselves because this is a long one}

Ok so, alot of people know me for my “a dream of Bune post” I made about 2 years ago before I disappeared into the void never to be seen again.

At the time I made that post I was a scared, confused, desperate and very, very unprepared child who didn’t quite understand what I was getting myself into. But I feel like I’ve grown a bit since then (not completely matured obviously, i’m still only a teen with alot to learn) but enough for me to want to actually try and be a part of this community.

I’ve had trouble with this site in all honesty, when I first thought about reaching out to Bune I was at a very low point mentally (not my lowest but still) and was still a hardcore Christian. The idea that magic was either black or white rather then shades of grey was ingrained into me and I felt like scum for even thinking about demonology. Though it never stopped my interest or fascination with magic. So I suppose, to put it simply, my main goal here is to learn and experiment rather then gain power.

Because I never spent much time here I guess that means i’m still somewhat of a beginner, so bare with me while I try to get the hang of things again. And as always feedback is welcome : ]

speaking of which, to those who responded to my original post: thank you.

I hope to learn alot from this community and I look forward to what the future will hold.


Welcome back, @Pippa

So, what have you been up to in the last two years? Have you had more practical experience in magick?

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hello again,
and unfortunately no, I’ve had very little confidence in myself when it comes to practical magick in all honesty (something i’m definitely trying to change now) so i’ve spent alot of my time reading up on peoples experiences/ideas and trying to meditate. it dosen’t help that I’ve also had to dedicate alot of my personal time to college rip


You should look into getting one of the Gallery of Magick books on Amazon Kindle. They’re only about $10, and the magick in them is simple but really effective. Depending on the book, the rituals only take 10 minutes or so to do, and don’t require a lot of preparation or tools.

Since you’re in college, I’d recommend any one of these books: Damon Brand’s Archangels of Magick, Sigils of Power and Transformation by Adam Blackthorne, Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield, or Goetia Pathworking by Corwin Hargrove.

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thank so much for the recommendations : ]
I’ll take look into them asap

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