A project

Hi guys
So i’d like to create a series of article about the practice with demons… Sure i got two years of experience but i have to admit i stayed with the same entity with the same method of evocation/communication so i’d like to have the testimony of people from this forum, i’ve always find awesome advices here but i don’t think everyone would like me to throw their method of evocation or advices on my blog (of course i’ll credit you !)
For the moment topics are :
•Demons/Daemon (story of the term, evolution of their images, demonolatry, goetia etc)
•How to find a demon (here i’ll put the disclamers, how to search and how to communicate throught tarot)
•Pre-evocation & The Evocation (what to do before and after, method of evocation, how to talk how to end it, pact, offering/sacrifice)
•Can you create a bond with demons ? (Here i’ll talk about having a demon as a mentor but also the different kind of relationship between human & demons during History and nowday)

If you have other suggestions i’m open ! I’ll post this on my Tumblr but i’m planning to create my own blog. In the futur i’ll probably try to make a list of demons with more ““modern”” description etc (i mainly work with goetia so i’ll focus on them at first)… :point_right::point_left:

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