A pretty big project

Yes, yes. You read that, a pretty big project :roll_eyes:
It’s been almost two years since I have reading about magic, taking notes, learning about it, and not long ago I thought it might be good to put that knowledge to work.
So I go quickly to talk about my project (which is a little manipulative) :

Since this year, I am in University, so it was a new beginning for me and of course for others. It’s only been a few months since the start of the school year and so I figured I could consider creating relationships through magic (something I’ve never done before). I first wanted to have a basic relationship with some people, just to know them a minimum, that is the least I can do, especially when you want to do what I want to do.
So I had time to make several friends and find one or two girls who interested me :new_moon_with_face:
What I would like to do is to make a “kind of film” (it’s metaphorical) with turnarounds and so on. I don’t wish to be bad, although I can be bad at times when I will proceed :thinking:
For example, I noticed that one of my friend was staring at a bro of mine, she always sits next to him, and so on. But neither one dares to tell itself the truth about their feelings (or their attractions for the other). My goal here, for example, would be to get them together, thanks to magic, with the help of my spirits, or thanks to sigils. I also plan to attract a particular girl, I like her and she’s look smart enough, since I know that one is already attracted to me, the magic will not be useful for her. Again, my goal is not bad, here it would be either to find someone I like, be to allow his daughters to progress on certain aspects, such as self-confidence ; putting them in situations rare conflicts, or even improbable.
Prevent a friend from stopping school ; to allow myself to know more about the people around me while progressing in magic; receive help from others more easily; and a whole lot of other things that will come to my mind over time :face_with_monocle:

I know that I can’t do everything with magic, that’s why I’m going to combine it with a little verbal manipulation, otherwise everything will not work.

Tell me if you find it right, or if it’s just for you an inhuman thing.
I would also like to know, what magic would be the most effective for this kind of work, and what spirit would be the best for this.

Ps : I will keep you informed over time.


I believe you should decide morals once you get there. It simply hinders the creative process. At least without that in the way, you can test and establish various hypotheses objectively. If it works, it simply works. I have my own little project similar to this. I came across someone speaking about Dream Magick, I’ve never used it but I can see it being very useful and versatile within a chain of processes.

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Do as you wish so long as it harm none. And I would define harm as in a physical pain or direct negative intent

Meh, I disagree with this. But I respect your opinion on a professional level.

I personally say do whatever you want. You want that guy/girl to fall in love and fuck your brains out, do it. You want your professor to take a liking to you and doctor your grades, have fun. I only care about morals if children are involved, but you are in Uni, fair game.


I feel like I agree with you now more than myself but how did denote my comment. Cuz it’s like… to me fr fr fuck humans, most of them are… indescribable… in both light and dark ways, but nothing matters just as much as everything does… if that makes sense?

How we can do magick with harming none(especially family members) , can we say ‘while keeping me and my family safe’ in spell ? Is it enough?

I think this is really idle, you could be doing a lot of better things with your life.