A present from Duchess Buné

Lately, I’ve been a little bit submerged with my studies but with the holidays coming, I wished to get a student job. I wanted to ask a little help from Duchess Buné for this but I didn’t really had time because I was speaking to spirits mostly concerning my examens.

One morning, before going to my exam of the day, I evoked Buné for her assistance during the examen. I was a little bit stressed and needed reassurance.

Coming at my uni, I was reading again my books then I received one message concerning a job I applied last year for. Basically they wanted me to call them and said nothing more.

I was already surprised because I didn’t even started to look for any job and out of nowhere I was getting attention from a place I gave my resume last year ? Well. I called them, having already in mind that it could have been a blink from Duchess Buné.

At the phone, the women asked for my name and beginned searching for my resume, I could hear all the pages she was turning, it basically took 3/4min at the phone just by searching my resume so that means she had A LOT of applications. I was shocked that with all those appli, she was interested in me. No doubt anymore, Buné was involved in that.

After a little conversation, she gave me an appointment interview for the day after the end of my examens, and I’m confident it will go fine.

I was a little bit suspecting Duchess Buné for being behind all of this so I just lately made sure it was her so I could offer something as well since she saved my ass concerning the holidays and now well I’m just waiting for her to show me what would make her happy too.

I’m so glad she gave me this opportunity very kindly when I wished so bad to ask her but didn’t had the time. Sometimes spirits just read your wishes and help you before you even ask them!!

Do not hesitate to work with her for financial purpose, work purpose, studies purpose, she’s extremely generous, friendly and caring.

Thank you so much Duchess Buné, it’s a pleasure to have you in my life.


Hope it all goes well for you!! :+1: :sparkles:


Thank you I hope as well!!


She’s amazing. Words cannot describe how loving and caring she can be.


Yes she seems to be really sweet. It’s definitely a great entity. I think she’s also really great for beginners.


You have said you summoned spirits to help in your exams…

If you don’t mind can you drop at least two names…


President Camio / Vapula / Duchess Buné / King Paimon. You don’t have to summon that amount of spirits but in my case it was necessary.


The very few times I have posted on here was to praise Bune, but I can’t help myself as she is absolutely amazing and I’m glad to hear she has helped you how you needed.

Just the other day I was the victim of fraud…my damn debit card got skimmed. Luckily I noticed it early enough that they were only able to make away with under 200 bucks. Of course I spoke with the bank and made the claim and they told me it would be about 2-3 weeks before I would potentially see any of my money back. Well, after praying to Bune…once again she came through beyond what I could hope for. Not only did the bank give me my money back in what seems like record time…but another opportunity came up that presented me with double the amount of what was taken but in cash. How can I not come on here and praise her.



This is so cool! I’m really happy she did that for you, she’s really amazing that’s true and so adorable as well. Lately I’ve been talking with her about my little problems and I feel comforted by her presence. I love the fact that spirits are not only there to assist you in order to ascend and to help you with services, they’re also good companions and shoulders to make you realize your worth which is truly wonderful.



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You’re welcome but concerning studies just go on the search bar there’s a lot of topic :slight_smile:

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Really…:yum::yum::yum: I’m into that…now…!!