A prayer for Asmodeus that I have been sitting on for months

So Asmodeus gave me a small prayer that you can use, and I got confirmation that I could actually post it from EAK video today. This is coming straight out of my personal grimoire.

It is short, but the words are channeled directly from Asmodeus himself.

A roar of pleasure and hate, of Sex and Death. A roar of passion. Feel his Unholy wrath sting you, his whip cleave the flesh and cause ecstasy to rocket through you. Rough as leather, smooth as satin.

Just for you guys.


Glad to see he’s taking his role as the demon of funishment seriously. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(JK, I’m just being ornery because he showed up while I was minding my own business in Gha-agsheblah and gave me the stink eye the other day. Video clarified why. Yes, I’m guilty. It’s on my list.)

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Still love you

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Lovely :heart_eyes::heartpulse:
Thank you.

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