A powerful and easy way to clean your aura and rid negativity.. DAILY

Hey all, I’ve found a very effective way to clean your aura and body from negativity and negative energies…

Aside from our individual selves, what is the most powerful force in our visual SOLar system? Thats right… The SUN, natures own nuclear reactor… Its in a perfect phase of equilibrium(at this point in time)…

It is balanced between the nuclear forces that explode constantly outwards on a scale which is inconceivable, and the colossal gravity generated by its own mass trying to collapse itself inward. It is a force to be reckoned with and a force we can utilize… Here is one of the many ways we can make this happen.

  1. Make sure its in the day(obviously)… I would recommend doing this when the sun is at its highest point, but as long as it is shining, can be felt and is visible, you can accomplish this…

  2. Sit directly in the light and get into a trance or if you can, get into the theta gamma sync. (Both will work)

  3. Close your eyes and look up at the sun. (I would not recommend you stare directly at it as it can damage your eyes irreversibly. Just get to a point to where you are able to manage comfortably without any pain and that the red, white, or gold light is visible through your eyelids that naturally shows up)

  4. Feel and absorb the suns rays into your body, imagine that the light that you see with your eyes closed turning bright and white. (The light will change to white. If not, will it to do so…) Visualize that white light engulfing your entire being including your astral body, eroding and burning away all other colors and emotions that have built up inside you. Hold the feeling of being “cleansed” that will arise, or “spiritually clean” or just “Blissful.” as if Lucifer has just made a presence in your life…

  5. Affirm to yourself out loud or in your head with confidence, “My aura and body is cleansed of all negativity.” repeat this for as many times as you feel that it indeed is and has been.

That is all there is to it… give it a try and share your experiences… It works for me, so why not for you? Hope this helps and good luck on your ascent.


Great post!!!

This worked wonders! Thanks for sharing this

Glad it helped.