A post for Newbies

I feel a need to say to anyone new to this forum ,or just starting out with Evocations or anything spiritual that this forum is for support, guidance, learning and a place to share.

I am alarmed at recent activity which has made it seem a place of competing for who can do the most Evocations daily as a Newbie and out and out dangerous suggestions from someone completely new to the craft suggesting others need to follow their lead and do all kinds of things for the experienced.

Move at your own pace, this is not a race. Do not follow a leader, think for yourself. This is what the LHP is about. Free yourself from having to follow others for their approval.

If this post breaks any guidelines, please remove it, but it comes from a place of genuine concern for what I have been contacted about recently.

Enjoy your personal growth and ascension


No, it’s a great and very timely post. :+1:

The key is to check that member’s posting history - we have a short edit window on posts here for a reason - sometimes, people, for whatever broken reason of their own minds, decide to go from admitted beginner to larping as experienced in a very short window which far defies the possible rate of progression in magick, claiming intense familiarity with spirits, and more.

Check someone’s post history, check what feels real, has detail, background, seems at least like it is part of their body of work - versus, posts from nowhere that have no background, but are there telling you what to do, and gaming you with praise and advice.

If in doubt, drop me a line, I’m not the “reality police” but when scammy-smelling posts start to crop up full of exaggerations or outright lies, they’re harmful to the community, to the concept of peer-support and peer-testing, and they are usually done with malicious intent of some kind, so that does become my business. :+1:


yeah can’t agree more, i am new here and i have my self seen some of those post.
listen to these woman, they have experience and i myself have gotten good advice and guidance from both of them. @anon88243269 @Lady_Eva


I still consider myself a newbie ,years after starting this path. It is a never ending path of learning and growing from each other.

This does not include patronising others for not taking bigger and bigger steps before a person is ready. It does not involve taking over and trying to create a cult type following for personal gain or Ego.

We get enough stick off other members of ‘normal’ society without having it here :heart:


Thanks :grinning: I try my best


one can never be a master in this path, as you already mentioned, there is always something more to learn


That post was VERY needed. New practitioners can easily be lulled into belief and compliance due to their eagerness to learn or have quick results.
Ego is the cockblocker of accomplishing magical dreams. Competitive evocation such as what you were speaking of is, as you said, dangerous and serves no other purpose than a notch on a whoremongers bedpost. I dont evoke new gods daily. I leave time for clearing, grounding, banishing, reflection…and mundane things…like Netflix and walks in the park and sunsets and things people might put in the hobbies section of a profile.
This post was common sense and common sense is SEVERELY lacking at times with situations involving newbies…just out of ignorance of safe practice and sheer recklessness of youth perhaps.
Also, please be aware, some people feed on the attention such posting incurs. Not saying its narcissism…but its narcissism. Not saying its that way in all cases.


Thats WAY true!!! And a wise magi will accept that with accountability.
We can always learn from each other how to evolve.


even in the mundane world, one can never master anything, there is always something there to learn. i am a software developer and by hobby an auto mechanic, every single time i get to learn something new, be it fixing bugs or fixing cars.


Yes, we did discuss our real concerns here. I doubt anyone would have the energy to do 20 evocations per day and have ancients knocking on their spiritual door in masses one week into working with the Goatia.

These things take lots of reading, learning,time, experience and wisdom to do.

I hate to think of newbies being either put off for life or damaged from doing too much too early


i read a post by someone(won’t be naming anyone here, but they were pretty new) and challenging to evoke all 72 in 72 days. i was like good luck(in my heart)


This so much this… Think about it as your magickal stamina. You won’t run a marathon if you just stand up from your couch.


He did…and you can see how it harmed him. Another user cautioned him many times to slow down, to ground, etc. He disregarded that advice.

Advice from experienced magi is out of concern and knowing. Its not because we are being dicks. Will you, as a new parent take advice on newborn care from a new mother…or someone who has had multiple children? Is wiser and older?


Balance is always good in all areas of life. Some can do it better than others though


I see this situation in daily life too,not just on the forum. You get a strong personality, strong views, verbally able to convince others to believe them and to feel weak if they don’t.

I often sit and observe at work well functioning teams be destroyed by one individuals Malignant Narcissistic traits dividing and conquering. I always ponder why they can’t be spotted for what they are by others??

I am glad to be an outsider, nobody wants me in their ‘cliques’ :joy:


True, and they have flying monkeys to contend with as well…those that enable and support it, encourage it even.


tell me about it, been dealing with this for my whole life, there is always that one person who “knows” it all! :man_facepalming:


Oh , I know those well. The willing sheep following the Shepherd. :face_vomiting:


Been at this for a minute and to date have only worked with a handful. Never saw a need to call up all 72 and then some.

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Both! It’s fallacy to assume someone doesn’t know anything just because they’re new. “Out of the mouth of babes” is a saying for a reason.
Keep your eyes and ear open and then make up your own mind.

Including on advice like this.