A posible demon I saw

Ok so not sure how to even start to explain this. So last night was falling asleep when I had this very vivid image or more like visual of this demon. I have no idea who he is nor why I made this connection to him. He was of average height (for a demon). His skin was this odd pale green/blue/grey color more grey and green then blue though. He had the normal demon wings and two smallish horns coming from his head. How ever he had total of five rows of eyes starting from his chin up and the center starting his third eye and up. The distance between the eyes was like normal eyes. He had non on anywhere els. He had a nose and mouth with darkish lips. He did not say anything to me, in fact I think he was surprised when I just popped up. I didn’t travel there per-say, I guess my mind simply just took me to him for some reason. He just looked at me with his mouth slightly opened and a surprise expiration on his face like one you get when you weren’t expecting to see someone but they just showed up after not seeing them for a long time.
Now I am not 100% sure I should go and try to contact this being because I don’t know him (or at least don’t think so. My soul has been surprising me as of late) What do you think about this or any one with similar experiences?

Me, I would take a serious chance and invite him in. Saying something to the affect of,
Come into me please Take possession of me Ride me forevermore As you wish. , and then wait and see what happens, if anything.
Again, this is risky

:joy: I am still new to this stuff so maybe next year or so.



Simple things first. Why don"t you do a little search here on the forum, for a demon description or reference that perhaps fits on the details you gave? For example the skin color or the number of eyes…

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I tried looking on the web but nothing. So I just assumed there be nothing.

(Update: there is nothing that I at least can find)

A poor example

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