A poll out of curiosity: what do you use Magick most often for?

For healing and knowledge.

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Other seems to be the big winner

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I definitely went with Other. It’s only recently that I have started using magic for material gain. Everything else has been in the name of wisdom and understanding. Hell, the first spell I ever did when I was barely even a teenager was a spell for spiritual growth and knowledge.


Hmm I love the knowledge I receive from the Spirits I talk too but currently I’ve been using it for improving things for my family financially and healing.


I use it for a bit of everything as the need arises. Cursing is rare, though. Mainly because it takes a lot to piss me off enough to want to curse somebody.
Lately my spellwork has been for domination, cleansing, and love.


I really like having sexual experiences with spirits. I’ve gotten better at evocation and Lucid dreaming to make it happen. After that I can use that energy for other things. And the relationships i’ve made have made me closer to those spirits so I can ask questions and help other people.

So in short does that mean I do it for the dick?