A podcast presentation series loosely based on the Demonic Gatekeeper books

So there’s been an ongoing podcast presentation with a special guest named David Block on my personal favorite podcast entitled Aeonbyte gnostic radio. The series covers a wide array of topics including the watcher’s, the diabolical plot at CERN, the controllers of our reality, Sumeria and who is who within that particular pantheon and what they’re up to now and it’s all just incredible and deep seated stuff. Anyhow, David Block quotes a few of the Demonic gatekeeper books whilst going through his presentation and not only quotes them but expounds upon them. Most interestingly to me, the entire activating your junk DNA using the hebrew alphabet that Belial talks about in the compendium of Belial. Its very striking material and thusfar, there’s been about 6 videos in the presentation. It’s Saturday. I’m sure a lot of you are off and I assure you, it’s well worth your time. I’ve put the presentations in chronological order within a playlist.

May the light of Lucifer shine its gnosis on you all and, enjoy:

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That’s cool.

I have to confess I never got around to finishing all the Gatekeeper content, with 4 years of E.A.'s life put into that series I think it’s surely worth it and will do them justice in time… I’m curious, have you read the books touched on by David Block and did you feel it’s faithful to the spirit of the original material or more like a personal interpretation?

I sort of wondering if I can get a little catch-up in cheaply haha. :innocent: I will check it out for sure, thanks for the tip.

Block hasn’t written books to my knowledge. All I really know of him is these series of podcasts he guested on. Also, familiarity with the gatekeeper books isnt essential at all in order to grasp what’s being said. Block quotes from them and then expounds upon them. I confess that the title of the thread itself is misleading as the gatekeeper quotes isn’t the focus on the podcast series. They moreso supprt the points he is trying to make but it’s just super fucking cool that David explains some of the concepts from the gatekeeper books like Belial’s junk dna stuff. What he’s essentially saying in that particular episode was "we can