A place to practice

Hi all, I’m new here. I bought BALG and so far I love it. My problem is that I live in a house full of people with no place to practice evocations.

Would it be acceptable if I got a motel room to work? It might sound silly, but I can’t think of any other place to go. I guess it could be expensive after a while, since I will need to do this more than once. Thanks.

Thank you. I am in the city, so no forests near me. I could clean up the garage and make some space. It’s detached from the house and would be perfect.

In the meantime, I’m anxious to get going, so I will go to a motel a couple of times.

rent a storage building

create a temporary temple which you can set up and knock down
the spirits will see your efforts and give you ideas

If your adventurous/desperate a cemetery would be good, or you could rent an office, rent a space in a club for a “party”, use an abandoned building, or a rooftop that’s hidden from view. ALso, use Google maps to find a heavily wooded area just outside of your city then buy a bus ticket there. You could house sit someones house then use their living room (kind of rude), or see if you can couch surf with a Wiccan or pagan. They might be open to your rituals.

Excellent ideas! Thank you. I even thought about using my bed since it’s a queen size and big enough, but not sure if I want to do that.

You can always do scrying evocation. Then all you need is a place to sit undisturbed for a while. The other ideas above are all pretty good ones as well. For that matter, evocation doesn’t have to take much space, and there are instructions in another thread for making a smoke machine so you don’t need incense.

If you have a little bit of money, you might consider renting a small office space or art studio space. They tend to be quite cheap, especially if you shop around and/or find a place that is not premium commercial space. If you have ritual more than a time or two a month, it would be much cheaper than a hotel room. Storage space, as necromaster mentioned, is cheaper still - but you want to make sure you know what kind of access you’ll have to the site and how likely you are to be disturbed.

learning to scry takes practice

True. Do you think it is any more difficult than evocation though? And it would be better to practice scrying than nothing at all, in my opinion.

Yea I personally find evocation easier but staying up four days tends to loosen up the third eye

Inner city temples!

  1. The back side of the city park is a good place.
  2. practice rooms that are rented for musicians are cheap, 20-40 bucks
  3. culverts inside the drainage ditch system (take lots of candles)
  4. lock yourself in your bedroom and use your closet
  5. secluded roof-tops or back alleys.
  6. Find the warehouse or Zombie district in your city. lots of abandoned places and foul spirits lurking.

If using a room like a motel ect. make sure you banish all the energy in the room first. You don’t want the filth of others interfering with your ritual.

If using a hotel/motel you also may want to do a thorough banishing and exorcism after the ritual, otherwise the next guest may leave a pretty nasty comment card.

“No turndown service, no mints on the pillow, a clingy ass angel on the rebound wouldn’t quit crying and a demonic nether from the depths of the infernal abyss used all the towels!”