A personal item for good luck

For a while now I’ve been trying to imbue an item with energy for good luck. So far I’ve had mixed success. It seems like the best kind of good luck items are the ones possessing a spirit. The problem with those kind of items is that the spirit will eventually tire, especially after activating the charm several times at random (for example you wish you’d have some money and find a large banknote on the street).

For a while I’ve been trying to create a good luck charm which would bring luck in any endeavour, from casting rituals to finding money on the street, and anything else. Has anyone tried to create anything like this before? Is there perhaps a way to create one without the use of spirits? I was hoping one charged by your own energy would be possible to create!

You could create one using Spare’s method of sigilization. Then focus on it and imbue it with your own positive energy.

You could make one using the herbs and other items to load it with the intention you desire.

You could invoke the spirit and then have their energy in you as you make it adding an extra boost to the work.

I must admit that I’ve never tried anything with herbs before! Any specific herbs you’d recommend? Should I burn them while focusing on my goal?

Might try to invoke a spirit later this night and see if I can power the object up. I’ve tried some basic visualization and focusing on the object not long ago and there were some minor results, like finding a lost object or finding what you want in the supermarket. Seems like this will be a long term process.

Something I found when I ran into this myself, is the issue of what it means to be Lucky (simple and yet- ‘ask a question, get an answer.’ by the structure of how you language it yourself to yourself)… In other words, if you figure Lucky is able to find the easy-path, when you try and make something happen, you find that you adjust yourself to the effort and slide-through (so to speak). -then whether that seems (to you) more an intuition-thing, feeling-sensing… or more an influencing-affect (whether sending out a force that “pushes” or more persuades, sends a msg join what I trying to do)…

First vs Second is a bit different- then would shift the quality behind that- thus the quality of what is "put into" the talis-materia... and thus how to Source and complete that Process.. 

(also “First” and “Second” being different, but ways to achieve that “find the easy path”… vs luck interpreted differently overall: say you see luck as being guided to the right place/time (and away from the wrong, or even neutrally non-right)… so you are pulled into “flow” … this interpreted as changing your regular-pattern? (if it works by changing you to the right-place, either you were “in your regular sched” going to be in the right-place already… ie didn’t need to do anything diff… or to be in the right-place therefore you need to change… thus if it works, you’d constantly have your sched changed… -could be interpreted as life-gone crazy, constantly interpreted, need adjust to hassle/crisis…

luck could seem to mean not in crisis… but if puts you in opportunity… how does it ‘steer you’ there? that affect could be felt as crisis (which is lucks mech to create the Luck… and then you might want Luck to counter your “bad-luck” interpreted as why you keep having to adjust/change path… etc.)

-or Lucky as an Auric-field magnetic-type sending ‘light’ that makes people (and energies…?) notice you, in a friendly way (as just being noticed- could be irritated by you… so hopefully it draws assistance attention, and not say pickpockets attention and/or attention of bullies- those avoid and ignore you)… so if you emanate a field affect outward… then could have the Item radiate like a “lamp” (thus leads to assumptions what that means- and therefore how you would process it)…

to have more than one, multiple…? (could be too complex, ? but even if, ensure don’t cross-purpose… ie 2 or more aspects where one does “more ABC”, and another does “less ABC” (everyone notices me, and yet most don’t notice me… or I am intuitively sensing where to go, and simul what I “want” I make happen… or I “know” the -determined by who?.. vs I am free/Lucky in whatever… etc… see how those aren’t ‘really’ opposite, just in how interpreted-implications in language… -simplicity, in what really is how we see it… rep the idea (made explicit, can then re-consider). etc…

[ as if just say “things good for me” -determined by who? -seems clearcut, just “better”… and yet… if you are creating a magickal-affect, and not merely a psychological-trigger in your own-sub-con… ]

just a thought in terms of answering may not be so much answering that question, but first asking a question about what the question is that is being asked … :slight_smile:

If your item is something that can be loaded such as something made of clay or has a compartment like a locket or fob you can use the physical herbs themselves. Just place them in asking each item used for its intended purpose. You can certainly smoke the item in an incense of the herbs regardless of if the charm is loadable.

Another option is to lightly dress the item in an oil or even a wash made with herbs. The plants being physical items help ground or anchor the intention to the object and requires less upkeep.

I tend to be more specific with intentions than stating “luck” and add things that posses the qualities I am after.

Some of my favorites
Mastery, Personal Power
-High John the Conqueror
-Master Root
Removing Blocks
-Master of the woods
-5 finger grass

Any item can be charged or imbued with a spirit or its influences and associations (familiars). I posted something here very similar to this a while back, which will give you a good idea.

Yes you can charge it yourself without spiritual intervention. A good idea for this would be to go and collect pictures of the things you wish to attract and place these on the altar. Now as you look at these pictures thinking about them, you hold your amulet/sigil letting the energy go into it. This however takes time and requires repetition daily until you can pick up the amulet and feel, see and connect with your intentions.

Rituals can be built up using these ideas, which makes it personal and therefore more powerful for you and your circumstances. Items of jewellery charged with specific intentions are great because they are on your ‘person’ and can therefore be seen by you, which can act as a good way of keeping energy stored within the object. Once the newness and rapport stage of wearing something different has passed, we tend to forget about it but still look at it and touch it at times………this can act as a great method of energy maintenance within the amulet as you are giving it ‘attention’…………………this is especially true or more powerful if we program this in at the initial ‘birthing ritual’ before we start to wear the said item.

As for Good Luck ‘well this is a very generalistic concept and in my experience, magic works better when given a specific target rather than trying to be successful at everything you encounter ‘so to speak’

Good Luck usually happens through recognising options and taking opportunities but this will not always lead to success immediately. Lucky people however tend to see the possibilities and positive aspects within the situation………lucky people learn from their mistakes and try again……………lucky people don’t fear failure as it really doesn’t exist.

Lucky people expect to win, which promotes a more receptive mind open to possibilities instead of being ‘closed off’ like those that spend most of their time complaining

Good luck my friend……………………………………………….

Thank you all for exhaustive replies, I am most grateful! Now, as to what I’ve meant when I said “luck”; my idea was having an object which will positively influence undertaking, whatever they might be. At the present moment I am attempting something simple, basically visualisation in the morning and imagining what I will do today and in what way these things will work out. So far I must admit I was surprised by the positive results. And yes, it is a piece of jewelry, a silver coin with my totem to be exact.

I’m not that good when it comes to alchemy but I will certainly try out savodonger’s suggestion and see if I can imbue it with a spirit. Until then I can do that I will try to give it attention and power it up. I haven’t tried using pictures yet since I have very hard time focusing if my eyes are open. I suppose I should try concentrating on purpose with my eyes open and see if my results will be more potent that way.