A person I don’t like is stuck in my head

How do I get him out? I can’t stand this.

Go fuck him


Banish him from your mind.

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For how long have you been stucking with that?

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Give them an Ultimatum…Ask nicely first. If they know how powerful you are, that’s all it takes. If they start acting #foolish . Banish them to the pigs, your local police dept. Let those assholes deal with another asshole


Sword banishing or the LBRP.

If that doesn’t work, you can create a ritual from scratch. Create a sigil for him occupying your mind (you could just draw something random or use his name chaos magick style), and banish that.

Another option, put your hand into a sword mudra (or just structure a sword in your hand) and cut any cords that bind you two, along with a few words.

You could also try contacting Belial (not sure, but he does like breaking limitations - and this seems like one) or perhaps Gremori. Lucifer might be able to help too.

Of course, you can combine all of these.


Have you tried using wire pliers? I’ve found them useful to sometimes pull out stuff that’s stuck in my head. :grinning:

Metaphorically or literally, this is actually a good suggestion. When you have a song stuck in your head you will often not find release until you listen to it. This could mean that on some subconscious level you actually ARE drawn to the person, or it could mean the person is an existential threat to you on a level you have not yet perceived on a conscious level and they must be destroyed. Just bear in mind that baneful magick is not always the best way to rid a problem from your life. Be creative.

Shielding will help. You can create a psychic shield or magick shield. To block individuals from having access.

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“I don’t hate anyone. Everyone I hate is dead” -E.A. Koetting.