A Peaceful Oblivion

Well here is basically the deal. There is someone I know personally who is in a great deal of pain. They have multiple aliments that cause them massive amounts of suffering. Unfortunately, I live in the backward ass-bible-thumping-pro life garage Heep that is the United States of America where assisted suicide is basically illegal.

While I could find spirits who would put him out of his misery fairly easily I do not wish for this poor soul to suffer. I wanted to know if people here on this forum have dealt with death spirits/enities who are not… extreme in the manner in which they dispatch people. I am hoping for at best him dying peacefully in his sleep, but a induced heart attack I suppose would not be out of the question.

What I am looking to avoid is a spirit who deals with the lose of life in a violent manner; car accidents, home invasions, drive-by shootings, accidents that are brutal. etc.

Santa Muerte

She… and I don’t get along well together.

Perhaps an angel of Saturn could help.

if you’re dealing with christians then i have something that could help, this is copy-pasted from some other forum btw

"I have never invoked any angel or spirits before (partly because I didn’t believe it possible). However something strange happened in the past couple of days.

I had had a pet squirrel for over 6 years. She was as robust, active and healthy as a squirrel can be. But day before yesterday evening she grew very quiet. I took her in my lap and had a feeling her time was drawing to a close (she was old). That night she became very weak, and seeing her like that made me feel so upset, I unconsciously prayed to the archangel Uriel to release her from any kind of pain, to give her peace and take away her suffering, even if that means taking away her life.

The next morning she passed away. Dad was holding her in his palm, stroking her gently, and she just slipped away… Painlessly.

Do you think this was a coincidence? We are all surprised at her dying so suddenly, although we knew it would happen sooner or later due to old age. But could my prayer have invoked the archangel?"


She won’t.

Look into overdosing on opiates. It’s the most pleasurable way to die. Complete relaxation, then you just stop breathing and it’s over.

Here’s my conundrum, which I’m sure is not uncommon. I have a grandmother who is in her 90s, her short-term memory is completely shot and her cognitive abilities are pretty bad also… And she is fairly wealthy.

The rest of the family including myself have been under a considerable amount of financial pressure for several years now due to a failed business venture. Even though my grandmother has more than enough money to cure all our financial problems and leave herself very comfortable, we cannot ethically ask her to do that because she is not competent to make that kind of a decision anymore.

So instead, we watch her get crazier and crazier while we scramble around to meet our financial obligations.

She is my grandmother and she has always been very good to me and I love her. But I would be lying if I said that I had not considered calling up some sort of death spirit to snuff her out. But I don’t believe I could look at myself in the mirror if I did that.

I know that if I were to do that, it would primarily be to get to her money, not to help her.

Horrible situation - if it was me, I’d do a journey to her Higher Self and ask what are the chances of her being willing to end a life that may not be enjoyable any more, in order than she can aid her descendents.

If the answer was no, I’d leave it, because like you I’d not be able to handle bumping off someone I loved who was family for financial gain, and this period might be somehow important to her own evolution.

But sometimes people’s HS will be amenable to reason, and willing to factor in the mundane concerns we have with the needs of their incarnate self.

Good point.

I guess I will be watching the soul travel course in the not-to-distant future. Lol.

You know, people report seeing Azrael when a person is about to die, but also up to three days prior, especially in that “dead man walking” phase where the ailing person suddenly feels full of energy and apparently free of their pains because they’ve accepted their own passing.

I’d do that. As a matter of fact, I’d do that and either summon or open seals of ALL the following: Focalor (who kills in sleep), Belial, Marbas, all of those demons who cause harm in Koetting’s evocation course and Hell, I’d even command Glasyabolas. All of them to form a veritable army and off the person in the most peaceful way, which I am sure that with the appropriate command you would achieve.

But before hand have Azrael ready to take them easily to the other side.