A part of my NOT illegal plans ~therefore, not a matter to necessarily keep secret


You may think that multible projects,
is typical Drachir, and he won’t get anywhere.


Radionics and psionics change everything.

Now i just need more tools for parallel running projects,
and thats it! Just the sheer number of tools would make more things
possible doing, at the same time.

So i soon, will fill closets with devices.

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I slept from 5/6pm to 11:22pm,
and had over 4 great and detailed dreams.
Its like if i had multible nights in one row.
And i remember those dreams.

In the last dream, i spoke about my dreams of there dead relatives,
and how they were speaking about, that my grandma would be joining them.

After that dream, i got the idea:

With my grandma, i would have a testsubject,
it wouldn’t be considered totally off, if i would start visitting her.

And the effects of my work, would be dismissed as a psychologic introduced
betterment of her health.

As i told in “error and randomness”,
i wanna be able to change people,
and i don’t wanna die.

So what if, if i could recreate her bodily functions,
destroy the brainfog, make her look AND BE 40 years younger,
since the plans for my country, include slowing down aging, by 30 years
-for all of the over 80 000 000 people. [except certain groups and individuals]
(I won’t tell you where i’ll get the energy from, as we would leave the legal section)

Her vessel and mind would be repaired,
And she would be, the only person 100% convinced of my abilities,
which would make her an ally, which is something weird and alien to me,
but of course, it should not hurt, at least not much.

Currently, she is in her mid 90s…
since i don’t hold much of a bond with her,
her death in a case of failure wouldn’t be that much of a issue.


What will i need?

*planetary energy of the sun
°her, constantly hooked up to a entire country of the world
°planetary energy of mercury
°a thoughtform
°maybe a entity to help speeding things up
°old photos
°Two radionic boxes,
one for vamping, which is directly linked to the one
which is doing the re-vitalizing.

what will i need to keep myself from being drained by her presence?
(old and sick people are vampires)
° a vampire machine
° me hooked up to solar energy

no, i slept 11 hours

Another project, that i now desire to share with you,
since our granny fucking micah ultra lord, decided to mention something similar:

Tmw you start understanding foreign languages without having studied them :open_mouth:
In particular, African Style conjurations and Spanish

Havent been able to translate to english, but im close

SImple: i link myself to a person, or country, i add a note,
some planetary stuff of mercury, and let the knowledge of a language fire into my spirit.

Place a photo of a newborn on the witness plate then set the rate. Then place a photo of your grandmother on the target plate. I got this idea from this video.

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~those toddlers could i use to harvest energy,
but for her recreation, i need the now lost information of her DNA.

But thank you!

The point is not to vampirized but to use their biological pattern. Making a copy in a way. Alternatively you could use a photo of her when she was younger.


Thats what i mentioned before, but thanks :hugs:

It would also help for DNA purposes to obtain a lock of her hair and use it with the younger photos of her and the toddlers. The toddler energy will boost the DNA signal.

Even with that said, i’m not trying to kill her.
~idk if the toddler-energy, would cause retardation instead of reparation.

my brother was once in hospital,
and the reason why he is also a sociopath (aren’t we a lovely family?)
is because he was for WEEKS, trapped into the same room,
with a 10 year old child, that i would have killed if i would have had psionics,
due to his retardation, it could not think straight or listen, its motor functions were sluggish,
and it was NON STOP too buisy with SCREAMING.