A Parable of Magick & Kangaroos

Kangaroos can be large, heavy and erratic animals. In Australia there’s a saying, ‘…like a kangaroo in the headlights’ which means whatever situation alluded to, it isn’t going to end well, as it rarely does for the kangaroo, the motor vehicle or it’s passengers. Kangaroos just stand there looking blindly into the dazzling, fast approaching headlights. It’s something they’ve never seen or ever will see again. What’s about to happen can’t be stopped.

Think fully laden Big Mack truck and a halogen headlight paralysed kangaroo sporting a cork-string hat, holding an Australian flag. This is what is happening in the land down under. It could also be happening in New Zealand, Canada and perhaps the UK, but that’s not my lookout. My Magickal Motto is: ‘You Fuck with Me – I Fuck with You!’ (Big time.) And timing is far more important than subterfuge. What was done cannot be undone. I knew that when I did it. It’s up to the kangaroos now.

A lot of what I do doesn’t look like Magick. A lot involves documents, suggestions and impersonal networking via third parties. It’s hardly glamourous stuff and the material is difficult, but I exploit human nature – such as it is – and systems. I’m a pretty good systems man. I’ve thrown caution to the wind, so to speak. I believe I’m going to die soon anyway, so why not fuck ‘em with their own weapons whilst I can?


Mine remains a struggle for absolute freedom. Politically I’m a Free Market Anarchist. Magickally I’m real nasty. Mine also remains a gift that just keeps on taking. I have sacrificed all to my Magick; there is very little now of what I do that isn’t Magickal – in one way or another.

I also successfully engage in mind-fuck, black propaganda with the sanguine hope of one day causing the masses to change, but definitely causing increasing problems for The Establishment now and not only in the English speaking world.

I engage in ritual, but I don’t need to wear a robe any more. There was a time when I did. I’m getting older so I try to conserve myself. I exploit short-cuts. For material manifestations in your life I again highly recommend working with Naamah – the original ‘Material Girl’ and I’m pretty sure there’s an evocation posted on these boards. Learn it by heart – all of it.

I also recommend nicotine and caffeine – lots of both; however obviously that remains strictly a matter for you.



I followed the link. Is that preamble your work, Al? If so, you aim high. I admire that. I especially liked the part about “almighty God”, lol. A nice touch.

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There’s a concept called the morphic field. The theory holds that by repeating Magick operations it makes an impression on that field. It’s like the underlying fabric upon which the warp and weft of reality is woven and founded. This lack of Magickal repetition is a weakness, especially of young player Chaos Magicians, but also other practitioners. Repeated ritual alters the weave that underlies reality – “In the splendour of Your shimmering power the spirit of the world is reflected”. By pouring yourself into the evocations, like you’re a movie star and this is your scene: even a whisper can be delivered with passion and force. For me perspiration towards the end of my rituals is a sure sign. Sometimes it just drips off of me and I have to shower or at least use a towel and aftershave. And I feel exhausted and need tobacco; maybe a strong coffee as well.

I recommend Magickal repetition and again, that definitely includes chanting on a set of 100% natural beads and twine/ribbon that you’ve fashioned yourself – both drilled stone beads and natural ribbon are available via Ebay. Also get yourself a 100% natural drawstring bag so you can carry said chanting beads in your pocket, extract and use same when the opportunity or need arises. So what will chanting on your own, 100% natural material, handmade chanting beads achieve? First, with persistence it’ll help you concentration by slowing the wheel of your mind. Second, with practice you’ll learn how control your breathing. After that you’ll start to vibrate the sounds. And be careful, because obviously there are other achievements from chanting I leave for you to discover in your own short time, as these come quickly. You let me know.

For reasons which escape me, chant as a Magickal tool has sadly gone out of fashion on both paths of the western tradition, but particularly the lhp (the exception being the Order of Nine Angles). If you can’t get hold of beads, use knots in string. They did in the Middle Ages.

Same with Banishing, Invoking or Evoking rituals. By daily practice and actually doing - the results come, again quickly. By way of merely two examples of the supreme importance of mastering these essentials, a death ritual is an elaborate banishing; whereas a wealth ritual has its groundwork in both invoking and evoking.

And what I’m outlining not only works and quickly - it’s inexpensive. I know what results you’ll get, should anyone care to report their’s.




It’s the Preamble to the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, 1900 (UK). This is part one of what the Chinese are using…“the United Kingdom of” ???

The citizenship issues currently plaguing the federal parliament of Australia also relate directly to these matters.


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On the Nature of (some) Magick

“To Remain Silent is not as hard as many imagine. The secrets will continue to guard themselves.” The 4 Laws of the Sphinx

If I should die think only this of me - “My powerful enemies can all get fucked!”
I maintain that this was W.M. Hughes’ attitude when he was seen burning many of his private papers, just before he died. I’ve had everything thrown at me, with the exception of flying rocking-horse shit.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m bumped off. I’m ready! I often wonder why it hasn’t happened. Perhaps they realise that apart from their own sick satisfactions my death wouldn’t stop what’s happening or prevent it from developing. Such is my knife in the back contribution to Aeonics.

And although the fight has been long, with few and precious joys, I expect to fail. That’s why I went for the maximum damage of ‘toxic’ Magick. I analysed the situation and players then did my operations relying upon human nature: greed, stupidity and fear of change. The results over the last decade have been tragically spectacular, in Australia at least. I refrain from details, many of which are technical, specialised and very boring. (Alternatively, I could be so full of it it’s running from the bottom of my trousers. Matter for you.) If Aussies ever wake up they’ll never know what I did to fuck them, their kids and great grandchildren, but that doesn’t detract from my satisfaction.

As a Free Market (why don’t you just go penetrate yourself?) Libertarian what I see coming in the longer term isn’t to my liking anyway. That said, before then it’ll be a treasured, not to be missed playing/killing field for lhp practitioners. Lots of blood, death and low vibrational (almost physical) energies. After that, what’s coming will also offer lhp opportunities, but it’s not my scene and I’ll have performed all my incarnate operations before then.

Magick encompasses a lot more than robes and ceremony – especially on our singular path. Our world, this world, is Satan’s Temple. And whilst I can I am busy doing my Father’s work in His Temple. “The Battle is an old one…”