A pact with the entire infernal empire


I wanted to ask that is this possible to make a pact with all the demons and all the spirits and forces on their side to strengthen the results ?

I know these entities are really powerful but what I need requires all of them but I can give them enough in return so if anyone knows please tell me how to do this

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whaaaaaaaat. head explodes

I have no idea but I thiiiink people are going to warn against it/ say that many demons would be insulted that you don’t trust their power.


My question is simply what do you have that will satisfy AAALLL the demons in the infernal empire? And what would you possibly need all of them for?


There’s also the thing that they may have slightly competing agendas, so you won’t get the best of them by diluting this down to the points they agree on, and the energies that harmonise.

Take this forum as an example, any random person may be able to show you in-depth information about a specific type of work, for a specific goal, but another member may not be into that kind of thing, so if you have both working on something, and aiming not to clash, suddenly they’re leaving out the bits that don’t mix well… take that x hundreds or even thousands, add in that these are NOT human beings, but very powerful, often godlike, beings - I don’t think it’s going to do you as much good for most things as working more selectively.

Can you share anything about your goal, so maybe people can make recommendations?


You have a much better way of wording things than I do!! hehehe!



I dont think you can handle trillions of demons to form a pact with.

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Just belial and myself with azazel also guiding and possesing me although i havent really felt azazel lately he may have left :pensive::pensive::pensive: but lets say now im just with belial. His strength alone is too much for me sometimes BUT. On a good note i am taking on some of his qualities like for instance. I have gone from an unhealthy weight of 145 to a healthy 162 and im still gaining :muscle:


Let’s just say you can’t take a college class where you language, science, history and philosophy teachers all talk at the same time.

One at a time and then small groups…


More info is needed. You may think you need the whole of the infernal empire, but you’d be surprised with what can be accomplished with a pact with a single entity who aligns with your goal :slight_smile:


Your ambitions might be good, but this is asking for conflict.

One demon alone could change the outcome for the better. What could legions under several leaders do better? Even if they wanna help and aid you, their way of doing things might differ from one King to another, hence a conflict arise and it could be compromised and half done, just to avoid an infectious relationship between them.

Did you know that a “simple” succubus put a man into the position of power as a pope? That’s just one demon, and not a known one at that time. One. It’s a waste of time and energy to call upon several legions for whatever you may plan.


That’s a tall order. I’m not going to say it’s impossible since on the spiritual level you are the only one who sets the boundaries, but I would say that making a pact with hundreds, maybe thousands or even millions, of demons would be unnecessary if you want something specific to happen.

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