A pact... with belial

I’ve just never seen it as something as serious as it should’ve been… i’m scared to fucking death to entrust my entire life to someone I hardly have known. I’ve had brief interactions, but I’m certain others have had their reservations??? I’m not the only one so wary of Belial’s powers and limitations?

FOBO - 13. Seal of Beleth. (fromoldbooks.org)

The Thirteenth Spirit is called Belith.

I am also attempting to follow the prescribed protocol and to actually order a silver ring to be worn upon my the middle finger of the left hand for Beleth. Is there any advice for figuring out what sized ring and what kind of silver? Does sterling silver work? Many of the rings online at Amazon are stainless steel and silver or something like that. Has anyone but Poke Fucking Runyon ever actually followed the rules of the Ars Goetia here?
What should I do? I want to do things correctly this time around instead of as a poor girl making excuses

Belial is kind. If you’re too scared to make a pact, then start small when working with the demon.


Yes, and then you listen to yourself and don’t do it. You’ll be ready when you’re ready, and you can work with Belial without EVER having any kind of pact.

Pacts are not necessary and I would not advise making them too soon… You get into them AFTER you get to know the entity and to agree between you that you both want a pact, not before.

Belial is not in the Ars Goetia so I’m not sure what you mean? :thinking:
Other peoples rules are other people’s rules: :woman_shrugging: Honestly who cares? You’re a black magickian, make your own rules.

Stop worrying, that’s what you should do, because this is unnecessary and there is no such thing as the “correct” way. Correct for WHO? some unnamed, long dead mage you never met?

There is what works and gets results. You need no pact and no fancy schmancy ring, this is all theatrics. Use it for what it’s worth to get your head in the right place for your magick… but here, this is doing the opposite.

You’re getting all tied up in knots and overthinking it. Belial is the Breaker of Chains, he’ll be the first one to tell you this is limiting.

Tension causes constriction, which blocks magick, so you want to release this. Trust yourself. Then do what you WANT to do.


That’s not a familiar teaching, breaker of chains

I’m operating on Talmudic teaching

That is gnosis from the co owner of this forum, E.A. Koetting, coming from a perspective of Western Occultism.


Why do magicians do pacts with demons when they can work with them without?

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Not sure, except maybe it’s a youtube trendy, don’t know any better, thing? We get a lot of posts from brand new joiners asking how to do a pact and every time we tell them to walk before they can run… It’s a thing :smiley:

That’s probably because they like to make a pact to make certain they’ve got their agreements solidly put into their subconscious.

When I once considered to pact with demons it was to give life protection but then I ask myself if I just make a request with a drop of my blood that they shall protect me for the rest of my life they will do it?

He can give you anything you desire if he likes you but you’ll need to prove yourself for him. To be worth of his attention.
He can be like a caring father for those he loves and if you are being oppressed in life and wants to be free he will help you. However, he’ll test your might from time to time if you’re a man. If you are a woman he will still test you but he will be more protective and loving, usually.
He likes to work with people who are not afraid of intense experiences.
Belial saved my life twice and did many other amazing things in my life which I can’t talk about here.
He is my patron, my friend, my love and I’m receiveing more help from him than from any human in my life.
If he is calling to you it’s for a reason. If he ends up liking you he can give you anything.
Call him and chat. Bring him a nice red wine and ask to know him better.
He is a very chill guy and he is great company too.


Take a breath and meditate on what’s right for you. Pacts are not a requirement to work with entities. No one can form a pact with you without your consent.

If King Belial is someone you barely know, then like any other person you plan on working with on important matters, either take the time to get to know them and decide if you want to work with them, or don’t.

Not working with them is fine too. You have more than enough power on your own. We all do.

Honestly my dealings with him have been very fruitful.


My personal feeling is, this is a relationship, not a transaction. You are not “paying” for services with an offering. So, no.

Treat the relationship with respect and be present in it and present for yourself. You can be freinds for life, for sure.


What does it mean with treating respect in the context of magick?

The same as you’d be respectful to anybody.

In my mind, we treat them like people worth being at least polite to. I mean, you should treat everybody like that, but they’re not robots.

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awww sweetcheeks that’s so sweeet, but am just reconsidering whether or not Belial is the correct god od me.

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yea and I’m more inclined to just give offerings and keep petitions regularly uploaded into my egregore, if you know that. Like I have pacts already with a series of little spells going.

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Well I’ll tell you what, Belial works faster than most would’ve imagined. I’ve run into a high school sweetheart and we’ve become better pals than ever have in them days. We’ve moved into a “bachelor’s flat” recently together and it’s happened all of a sudden. Belial’s enn was all have used. Gods be praised, and Allahuakbar.

This wasn’t really tha sudden because ave been working with Rashoon and Mammon as well as Belial lately, and I’ve left a piles several of offerings left over from yesterday afternoon’s rainy day funds rituals. God blessed us both aven’t it.