A not so practical guide on how to activate sigils

Simple and complex in the same way, I personally work on this with a friend that has the skill to craft metals. By skill I mean he has the equipment to do so. Without further ado here is what I do in general: After I receive the sigil, I bath it in my blood - after that I go in the cemetery and place it in the mouth of a dead person (a skeleton) and I wait a week for it. After this is done, i take back the sigil, and purify it with flames (both spiritual and biological purification). The mechanism behind this ritual of activation the sigils can be traced back to Egypt, but in Europe this ritual comes from Ancient Greek where relatives of the deceased person used to add coins named “obols” in the mouth of the dead, so that the spirit can pay Kharon (son of Erebus and the ferryman of Hades).
In this aspect the sigil already traveled symbolic to the afterlife activating itself.


ok So to activate sigil you go to the graveyard and dig someone up and put the sigil in the skeletons mouth?

Not actually dig. We have very old graves here that are opened.

Ah I got ya, we don’t have that sort of thing here, they’re all dirt graves. I had visions of digging up skeletons in the middle of the night lol although I am a fan of grave yards especially the ones in New Orleans! In fact I’m having my ashes scattered under Richard Ramirez’s tree in Concordia. Still I wouldn’t wanna dig anyone up lol. So you find this the best way to charge a sigil. I find it really interesting.

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yes, i heard of the obolus in form of a coin given into the moth,
or 2 coins layed on the eyes of the dead person.

I think your method is very potent.

I assume you mean metal Sigil Plates,
similar to talismans worn on neck bracelets.




I’ve heard of the coins on the eyes of the dead to pay to transport to the other realm, but I’ve never heard of the sigil thing. Although gotta b honest I’m so squeamish I don’t think I could go near a dead body/ skeleton lol think I might have to find a different way to charge my sigil lol! Are there less gruesome ways of doing it lol


Yes, metal plates :slight_smile:

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There are plenty of ways :slight_smile: Each to his own :slight_smile:

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Type of graves that we have here. :slight_smile:


Looks Greek and or Roman, the outfits the people are wearing do not match up with the Greeks so I would go with Roman areas such as Italy, Egypt, coast of Africa any place but I would go with Italy due to the plants around it.
That and there is a cross on the lamp post

Wow!!! That’s a grave and some!! We don’t have graves like that as a rule unless you visit an exceptionally affluent area or in the city you get old graves which are similar but much smaller!, your average rural graveyard is really very basic in comparison to your picture! It reminds me of New Orleans.